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During these difficult times, CRF staff are working remotely, but CRF has not shut down. We are rising to the challenge of making at-home civic learning relevant, interactive, and fun by having youth teach youth. CRF's national Youth Board, led by Parkland students Sari Kaufman and Casey Sherman, has reached thousands of elementary, middle, and high school youth. We have also developed new resources to help teachers engage students online – ranging from elementary students putting the big bad wolf on trial, to middle school students discussing the Bill of Rights, to high school students learning about the origin of the Census.

Civic learning is more important than ever as people throughout the world are seeing up-close and in real time how government and citizens must work together to impact policy. Your donation helps CRF teach youth to understand the issues, recognize bias in sources of information, and appreciate the necessity of informed and enlightened citizens.


Hear first-hand from Blanca about her experiences.

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