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Dear teachers, students, and parents,

Constitutional Rights Foundation is working on some new lessons and activities for distance learning for you, as we all do what we can to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

For now, we have some lessons and tips you can use, but we also have several things in the works:

  • Starting Monday, 3/23/2020: Civic Action Project teachers and students can go to the CAP website’s Discuss board, and our staff and Youth Board will work directly with students to answer questions; help them identify issues, policies, and potential actions; and keep them company! 

  • Beginning the next two weeks:  Live webinars on social studies topics taught by our staff and by youth that you and your students can join. These will be recorded so you can also have students watch later on.

  • Coming in the next few weeks:  A simple project-based learning activity for history that students can do individually and with family.

  • Launching in the next two weeks: A platform for youth to voice their opinions, concerns, and ideas for addressing our current situation. 

If you already receive emails from CRF, we’ll let you know as these resources become available. If you are new to CRF, register here and we’ll send you the announcement.

Hang in there. We know how tough this is on all of you.


Women's History Month - March  2020

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Containing the Corona Virus

containing corona

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