Key Themes in Social Studies

Explore a variety of lessons on elections, immigration, freedom of religion, the judicial branch, and much more.


Resources for exploring the electoral process, past and present.


Links to the best Internet research sites. This is the best place to start your Internet research.

And May It Please the Court

U.S. Supreme Court oral argument listening and notetaking guide.

Educating About the Judiciary  

Exciting, interactive lessons, programs, and publications for teaching about law and the courts.

Freedom of Religion 

Featuring resources from the California Three Rs Project

Intellectual Property  

High-interest materials for classroom and individual use.

School Violence 

Lessons and resources to help introduce the problem of -- and solutions to -- school violence into our schools' educational agendas.

Deliberating in a Democracy 

Materials for discussing a number of controversial topics.


Lessons and resources devoted to issues of immigration for the classroom

Economic Issues  

Examine how America has confronted previous economic issues and crisis.

Judges, Courts, and the Law  

A joint effort of CRF and the Judicial Branch of California. Featuring stories, games, and other activities.




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Todd Clark

November 23, 1933 - March 22, 2023

We are sad to share the passing of Todd Clark, Constitutional Rights Foundation’s former executive director. Todd’s decades of leadership in civic learning, creativity as an educator, capacity to build coalitions and partnerships, and strong belief that young people truly are the future of democracy propelled the work of CRF, and still does today. We honor his legacy.

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