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C2C Judges and Attorneys Presentation Materials

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Judges and Attorneys Presentations and Materials

Middle School Materials | High School Materials | Immigration Enforcement and Rights Lesson | Intellectual Property Lesson

Use this page to download the presentations and handouts to use during your classroom visit. The lessons below were created for Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) and Adobe Acrobat (PDF). Click on a link to download materials.

Use the Scheduling Tool to find out what class level you will be working with.

Middle School Lessons  (Choose one)

The Constitution and Bill of Rights: Free Expression

Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier


The Constitution and Bill of Rights: Due Process

California v. Greenwood: A Supreme Court Case


High School (Choose one)

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights: Equal Protection

Gratz v. Bollinger: A Supreme Court Case


Chicago v. Morales


Immigration Enforcement and Rights Classroom Lesson

This lesson includes a PowerPoint presentation and simulation activity (not a moot court). For more materials and classroom resources on immigration history and policy, visit our Educating About Immigration website.


Immigration Enforcement and Rights
PowerPoint Presentation)

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan



Handout A: Takeaways and
Handout B: Presidential Advisors Activity

Additional Resources

Additional Resources  


Intellectual Property Classroom Lessons

Are you interested in educating students on the role intellectual property plays in our society? Visit our Educate IP website to download free lessons such as:

Multimedia Lessons:

Patenting Life: Should Living Things Be Patented? 

Fairey v. AP: A Question of Fair Use

The North Face Apparel Company v. The South Butt and Others (Trademark Infringement)


Pen and paper lessons:
What is intellectual property?
Forged, Fake, and Phony Pharmaceuticals

Origins of Patents and Copyright

Please consult your teacher before selecting a lesson to present in the classroom.

For more information, please contact David De La Torre, (213) 316-2122.