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Sponsoring EHI Students is Simple

Constitutional Rights Foundation (CRF) recruits and screens potential students. Prospective students submit extensive applications containing all of the information found on a resume, along with a one-page essay, and two letters of recommendation. CRF then screens and interviews all applicants on general job readiness, career interests, and qualifications.

Each sponsorship provides first-generation, college-bound youth with 15+hours of guidance on professionalism, college preparation, and civic engagement.  Your sponsorship will make all the difference for a better future for enthusiastic, motivated, and hardworking high school students.


Join these outstanding companies and firms and provide a unique and impactful opportunity to invest in the future through EHI today, submit the EHI Sponsorship Form.

Questions? Contact Lourdes Morales at or (213) 316-2125.



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