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Sponsoring EHI Students is Simple

Teach Democracy (formerly Constitutional Rights Foundation) recruits students. Prospective students submit extensive applications containing all of the information found on a resume, along with a one-page essay, and two letters of recommendation. Teach Democracy staff then screens and interviews all applicants on general job readiness, career interests, and qualifications. From the screened potentail candidates, the internship host selects their intern(s) during the jobsite interviews (March 1-26). 

Each sponsorship provides first-generation, college-bound youth with 18+hours of guidance on professionalism, college preparation, and civic engagement prior to the start of their internship. Then the interns start their internship (June 13 to July 9) at the job sites. Your sponsorship will make all the difference for a better future for enthusiastic, motivated, and hardworking high school students.


Join these outstanding companies and firms and provide a unique and impactful opportunity to invest in the future through EHI today, submit the EHI Sponsorship Form.

Questions? Contact Lourdes Morales at or (213) 316-2125.



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