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Expanding Horizons Institute Sponsors

An Opportunity to Transform A Teenager's Life


The experience of sponsoring EHI students.

EHI provides highly qualified, low-income, first-generation college-bound students a pathway to success in college, career, and civic life.

Our EHI students are truly remarkable and have so much talent, but they have had limited exposure to professional career opportunities and resources in their underserved communities. 


What the program offers.

This opportunity is unique from other programs as EHI provides high school students with 15+ interactive virtual seminars.

  • Expose students to professional career paths.
  • Provide guidance and support with college application process and SAT from experts.
  • Inspire students to discover and explore civic engagement.
  • Cultivate networking skills from successful professionals.





Benefits of sponsoring EHI students.

This is a mutually beneficial opportunity for both the students and the sponsors. The professional work place skills, critical thinking, and confidence students gain in this program helps them continue to further their academic growth in college and enter the workforce prepared and eager to contribute. 



How does it work?

Each $2,800 sponsorship provides two first-generation, college-bound youth with 15+hours of guidance on professionalism, college preparation, and civic engagement. 

Join these outstanding companies and firms and provide this unique and impactful opportunity to change the life of high school students through EHI today, submit the Sponsorship Form.



Questions? Contact Lourdes Morales at Lourdes@crf-usa.org or (213) 316-2125.



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