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Teacher Stories

What Teachers Say About CRF

I am part of a Teaching American History Cohort.  I have enjoyed learning to use CRF materials and my students are thriving with exciting hands-on, creative, highly academic CRF lessons.


Your lessons have taught me to introduce the Constitution and Declaration in hands-on, interesting ways to my students. They learn and have fun at the same time.
—Teacher, Pasadena Unified School District

Thank you for meaningful, practical, and professional materials and activities.
—Teacher, El Rancho Unified School District

CRF has valuable resources that teachers can really use, and much to offer in terms of helping educators educate effectively.
—Teacher, Montebello Unified School District

CRF makes me feel more confident teaching U.S. History. Thank you. 
—Teacher, Montebello Unified School District

CRF lessons are excellent for the classroom. Great methods AND content (the facts).

(CRF lessons) provide strategies for teaching history effectively, and using group activities to do it.

I'm not sure whom to direct this to, but I want to give you a rave review on your Online Lessons! I teach middle and high school history and government, and your lessons are the most clear, concise and insightful explanations of complex historical events and trends that I've seen anywhere!  Textbooks seem to oversimplify to the point of obfuscation or give a laundry list of dull detail; and websites generally are too complex with too much information. Your lessons tackle fascinating subjects and are exactly on target. I can't thank you enough!
—Daria D., Teacher, San Diego, California

What people say about CRF's Publications

  • On a scale of 1-5, CRF materials are 10.
  • Thank you for the wonderful materials. The instructions on the use of the lessons are really clear and everything you need is provided in your lessons. You provide a great service because law and constitutional rights are almost always left out of history. It provides another lens in which to look at our history.
  • Please keep up the fine work. All you do to help us as educators means better-prepared students for our democratic system. The materials are great, the lessons are great and of high interest to students.  I have recommended them to other teachers!! I am very happy with the newsletter. I wish it came out weekly.

Declaration of Independence Lesson (Project History)

  • I did this lesson with my students.  They were so creative.  Will do it again this spring!
  • Good lesson, especially the questioning strategy to dig deeper into why students choose the answers.
  • Your lessons have taught me to introduce the Constitution and Declaration in hands-on, interesting ways to my students. They learn and have fun at the same time.

Tired King (Adventures in Law & History, Vol. I)

  • Love setting the stage, shows lessons on govt. content can be exciting!
  • Great way to introduce the separation of powers–even to younger students.

Bill of Rights in Action (BRIA)

Thank you so much for this resource (BRIA). I looked forward to each issue and I’m still recommending it to teachers where I substitute. It is by far the most useful resource out there for social studies educators.
—Anonymous Mary D., Retired Teacher, Delmar, NY

Thank you for a great publication. A fellow teacher pointed me to your BRIA publication. It’s nice to have a resource that will put some depth to a topic without overwhelming the kids. My textbook covers some materials in one paragraph that I will spend 40 minutes of class time on. Scary!
—High School Teacher, Mission Viejo, CA

People v. A. Wolf

Doing a CRF Mock Trial is now a regular end of the year event in my 5th grade class.  It is amazing!

Current Issues of Immigration

I found your site on a search engine. I was looking for a lesson plan on illegal immigration. It was wonderful and my kids got a lot out of the unit. Thank You!
—Sabrena K., Phoenix, AZ