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Summer Law Institute

The Summer Law Institute has been discontinued.

Please visit our Programs page for information on our other programs (regular school calandar programs).

Interact with Attorneys

What is it like to be a Deputy District Attorney? How do you present a powerful opening statement at trial? What else can you do with a law degree besides prosecute or defend people? Through Summer Law Institute classes, panel presentations and interviews, practicing attorneys answer these questions and many more.

“The program is well run and well organized.”
— Stephen Mazur, Attorney

lc_5.jpgGet a Taste of College Life

Along with a chance to study the American legal system, Summer Law Institute offers students a taste of college life on the UCLA campus. For one week, the UCLA campus is “home,” where students share dorm rooms, talk with peers in the lounge, work out in the Wooden Center, eat meals in the food halls, and attend classes. Additionally, Summer Law Institute offers a chance to meet a UCLA admissions officer and learn what it takes to become an official member of the UCLA student body.

“I learned to see different sides of an argument.”
— Student Participant

“I really feel like I gained a lot of knowledge and insight into my future.”
— Student Participant

Visit Law Offices

SmlGrp2.jpgLaw is practiced in many different ways, by many different people, and for many different reasons. By spending a morning visiting a law office and shadowing an attorney, Summer Law Institute students have the unique opportunity to see first-hand what it really means to practice law. Through personal conversations and interviews, students can learn how and why these attorneys pursued careers in law.



lc_4.jpgEnjoy Lunch with a Judge

Over lunch in chambers, Summer Law Institute students learn about the justice system from a different perspective, that of a judge sitting on the bench. The judges field questions about how and why they became judges, what they do from day to day, and their opinions about the American legal system. After lunch, the students spend the afternoon in their assigned judges’ courtrooms, observing these legal professionals in action.

Discover LA

Metropolitan Los Angeles encompasses a wide range of geographic, cultural and intellectual diversity. At Summer Law Institute, students explore many sides of the city, from art, architecture and historical sights to the Santa Monica Pier and the Third Street Promenade.

Develop Skills

Through a week of interactive and challenging activities, Summer Law Institute offers students a unique learning environment for developing a variety of complex skills, including research and critical thinking skills; techniques of persuasion, debate and discussion; tools for mock trials; and team-building and leadership methods.

Rsc_Stdnts11.jpgStudy under Professors 

At Summer Law Institute, UCLA professors lead law-related workshops and classes on a variety of topics, such as the First Amendment of the Constitution, capital punishment, using law to create social change, and how the media affects our justice system.

“The students were energetic and participated vigorously.”
— Paul Von Blum, UCLA Professor