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Small Learning Community

Free Lessons |  Additional Curriculum  |  Programs  |  Consulting  

smalllearning2.jpgConstitutional Rights Foundation (CRF) provides curriculum materials and programs that support Small Learning Communities with law, government, social justice, and public policy themes.

CRF’s curricula and programs use interactive methods that, according to research, improve student content knowledge, civic and critical-thinking skills, and civic dispositions. Many CRF resources support the History-Social Science and English Language Arts content standards, provide opportunities for students to use technology in creative ways, and engage students in other 21st century skills.

CRF currently has resources to provide these programs at no cost:
The Civic Action Project (CAP) | Deliberating in a Democracy (DID) | Courtroom to Classroom 
Appellate Court Experience (ACE) | Expanding Horizons Internships | Los Angeles Mock Trial

For more information about how CRF can support your SLC, contact: Gregorio Medina  (213) 316-2105 or Laura Wesley  (213) 316-2128