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Issue Guides

Public Agenda: Issue Guides
Hot Topics Series Overview and links to current issues, especially those science-related. Issues Issues organized into topics, sub-topics, and links to even more information. Hot Topics and Issues
On the Issues: Every Political Leader on Every Issue
Power Reporting: Beat by Beat Issue guides for journalists.
Newsbatch: Your Internet Guide to Understanding Policy Issues Summaries of key policy topics illustrated with charts and maps.
Global Issues That Affect Everyone Links to issues ranging from trade, poverty and globalization, to human rights, geopolitics and the environment.
Exploring Constitutional Conflicts An exploration of issues and controversies about the Constitution. By Doug Linder, University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law.

Pro & Con

International Debate Education Association: Debatabase Arguments for and against hundreds of debating topics along with links and booklists.
Debate Central
High School Debate Topics
National High School Debate Topic
National Center for Policy Analysis: Both Sides
Pro & Con Click on “Pro & Con Online.”

Issue, Policy, and Political Organizations

Politics 1: Directory of Political Debates & Issues Links to leading groups on all sides of the hot political issues facing our nation today.
Political Advocacy Groups A listing of national political advocacy organizations arranged by the issue they are interested in.
Project Vote Smart: Issue Organizations Listed by issue area and by state.
Political Advocacy Groups: A Directory of U.S. Lobbyists Listed by issue area.
C-SPAN: Policy Organizations

Encyclopedias and Almanacs

Wikipedia: List of Controversial Issues
InfoPlease: Current Events
Almanac of Policy Issues


U.S. Department of State: US Info: Topics

International Issues

Open Congressional Research Reports A collection of Congressional Research (CRS) reports accessible via the web.
Documents Center A central reference point for local, state, federal, and international government information.
Browse Topics U.S. government sites arranged by topic.
FirstGov: Information by Topic

Library Collections

Social Issues From the Multinomah Public Library.
Social Issues. From Eastpointe Library.
Social Issue Links From Johnston Heights Library.
Hot Paper Topics From O’Keefe Library, St. Ambrose University.
Hot Topics From Evergreen State College.
Current Topics for Research From Kingwood College Library.
Controversial Issues From Palo Alto College Learning Resource Center.
Controversial Issues From Twin Lakes School Corporation Library.


Open Directory Project: Issues
Google Directory: Issues
Yahoo Directory: Issues and Causes

Political Issues
Political Opinion

LookSmart: Issues and Policy
Librarian’s Index to the Internet

Society and Social Issues
Environment Topics

Awesome Library: Current Events
Argus Clearinghouse: Social Issues

News Media

L.A. Times: Issues and Action “Action alerts” on a wide range of current issues from organizations, large and small, that span the political spectrum.
New York Times Learning Network: Issues in Depth
NPR: Justice Talking Archive Links to shows on a variety of issues.
American Online Columnists Links to hundreds of political columnists.
Commentary Today Links to columnists on the left and right.
Documents in the News: Current Events Research Links to issues making news headlines. From University of Michigan Documents Center.
Science in the Headlines Summary of science issues in the news with links to related reports written by the nation’s top experts. From the National Academy of Science.
The Why Files: Science in the News Issues involving science.
BBC: Science and Nature: Hot Topics
Daryl Cagle’s Professional Cartoonist’s Index Editorial cartoons on all current subjects.
Footnote TV Examines issues behind TV shows.

Online NewsHour

NewsHour Index
Special Reports Index  

Frontline: Watch Online

Special Report Archives of Media Organizations
LexisNexis: Hot Bills & Hot Topics
BNA’s Web Watch Links to government, industry, and academic resources on selected topics.
Yahoo News Full Coverage

U.S. Issues Full Coverage

World Issues Full Coverage


American Prospect

Moving Ideas
Issues in Depth

Bill of Rights in Action Archive Searchable and browsable archive of lessons, articles, and links on a wide range of current issues.
Chronicle of Higher Education: Issues in Depth
Economist: Backgrounders
The Nation: Subject Directory
New Scientist: Special Reports
American Bar Association: Focus on Law Studies Archive of magazine that focuses on current legal issues.
Teaching Tolerance: Current Events Archive
Yahoo Directory: Conservative Magazines
Yahoo Directory: Progressive Magazines

Think Tanks

American Enterprise Institute: Research
Brookings Institute: Research
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: Topics
Cato Institute: Research Areas
Center for American Progress: The Issues
Century Foundation
Council on Foreign Relations

By Issue
Background on the News
Background Q & A
Foreign Affairs

Economics Policy Institute: Issue Guides
Heritage Foundation: Research Issues
Hudson Institute: Policy Centers
Rand: Research Areas

Hot Topics

Urban Institute

Research by Topic
Issues in Focus