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Images and Pictures Links

Images and Pictures Links

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Historical Collections |
Historical Societies | Museums | Cartoons | Clip Art | Links

Commercial Providers

AP Photo Archive
Time Pix
Photo Researchers
Public Domain Images A low-cost image researcher.
Getty Images
Mirrorpix Archive of British newspapers The Mirror, The Sunday Mirror, The People, The Racing Post, Daily Record, and Sunday Mail.
British Association of Picture Libraries and Photo Agencies The most helpful part of the site is its Image/Library Search
Fotofinder An international service.
Allsport Sports photography.
EMPICS Sports photography. It has a special Sports Archive for postcards and prints.
Action Images Sports photography.
Digital Imaging Resources Listing and links to many, mostly commercial, image sources.

Search Engines and Directories

Google Image Search
AltaVista Image Search
All the Web
Image Finder From Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE.
Lycos Multimedia Search
The Amazing Picture Machine
Yahoo! Picture Gallery Search engine and directory.
Image Grabber Search stock photography sites.
ADAM A search engine for art, design, and architecture.
WebSEEk A content-based image and video search and catalog. From Columbia University.

Government Collections

Library of Congress Search its digital archive. Also try American Memory and the Prints and Photographs Reading Room.
UNESCO Photobank A selection of UNESCO's collection of photographs and slides made available online.
NASA Photo Gallery
Architect of the Capitol Photos of buildings and art work.
U.S. Department of Defense Large archive of photos, all in the public domain unless otherwise indicated. Includes links to images from the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy.
FEMA Photo Library Photographs of disaster sites.
Department of Energy Digital Archive Searchable and browsable collection of energy-related photographs.

Public Domain Collections

Images of American Political History
Pics4Learning A collection of thousands of images that have been donated by students, teachers, and amateur photographers.
Public Domain Pictures Links to many collections.

Other Collections

DHD Photo Gallery Thousands of photos free for personal and commercial use.
Free Images Searchable archive of free photographs.
Lockheed Martin Photo Collection Searchable archive of defense industry photos.
FreeFoto Searchable archive of photographs free to private non-commercial users and for sale to commercial users.
FreeStockPhotos Hundreds of free photographs.
iStockphoto Thousands of royalty-free images.
Geo-Images Project Collection of images (mostly photographs) that are useful in teaching geography. From U.C. Berkeley.
Cities/Buildings Archive Browseable lists organized by geographic location, starting with country, and moving through state and city down to details of the subject building or site.


Portrait Gallery Public domain portraits of historical figures from the Perry-Castañeda Library, University of Texas at Austin.
Famous People Selected portraits of people listed alphabetically. From the Library of Congress.
Presidents and First Ladies From the Library of Congress.

Presidential Libraries

Herbert Hoover
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Harry S. Truman Also Project Whistlestop
Dwight D. Eisenhower
John F. Kennedy
Lyndon Johnson
Richard Nixon
Gerald Ford
Jimmy Carter
Ronald Reagan
George Bush

Historical Collections

Western United States History From the Denver Public Library.
Gallery of the Open Frontier Photos, paintings, and drawings related to the history of the American West.
Yahoo! Historic Photography

Historical Societies

New York Historical Society
Shipler Commercial Photographers Collection Large archive of photographs of people and places in the Intermountain West from 1903 to 1980. From the Utah State Historical Society.
State Archives and Historical Societies Links to all states.
Yahoo! Historical Societies


Artcyclopedia: Fine Art Search Engine
Fine Art Museums of San Francisco ImageBase
Looking for Art in All the Right Places From Boston University.
U.S. Museums by State
International Museum links
5,000 Museum Links
Museum Links From the Washington Post.
Museums Links from Open Directory.


Professional Cartoon Index Editorial cartoons and links to many cartoonists' web sites.
Portfolios A list of members of the American Association of Editorial Cartoonists with links to their portfolios.
Cartoon Bank New Yorker cartoon database browsable or searchable by keyword.
American Political Prints, 1766-1876 Historical cartoons.
Cartoon News
Cartoon Web
Drawn and Quartered Searchable archive of caricatures and topical cartoons.

Clip Art

Graphic Maps
Classroom Clipart Searchable and browsable index.
Clip Art Connection
Clipart Guide.com
Icon Bazaar
Music Related Graphic Images


Picture This: Finding Web Images Links to many sites. From About.com.
Pictures Links to thousands of sites from Open Directory Project.
Photography Links from the Google Directory.
Stock Photography Searchable and browsable stock photos and links to many sites for stock photography.



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