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Online Booksellers With Reviews Huge catalog of books. Search for books by author, title, subject, or keyword. Most books have reviews.

Barnes and Noble Another large, searchable catalog of books, most with reviews.


New York Times Book Review Complete text of every book review since 1996. The first time on the site, you must register (for free).

Baltimore Sun: Books

Boston Globe: Book Reviews

Chicago Sun-Times: Books

Chicago Tribune: Books

Christian Science Monitor: Book Reviews

Denver Post: Books

Globe and Mail (Toronto, Canada): Books

Guardian (UK) Books and Book Reviews

Houston Chronicle: Books

Independent (UK): Books

London Times: Books

Los Angeles Times: Books & Talks

Newsday: Books

Philadelphia Inquirer: Books

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Books

San Francisco Chronicle Book Review

San Jose Mercury News: Books

Sydney Morning Herald: Books and Ideas

Telegraph (U.K.): Books

The Age (Australia): Book News

USA Today: Books

Village Voice: Books

Washington Post Book World


Atlantic Monthly Books & Critics


Book Magazine


Boston Book Review

Bryn Mawr Classical Review

Christianity Today: Books & Culture

Claremont Review of Books

Economist (U.K.): Books & Arts

Education Review

Hyde Park Review of Books

January Magazine

London Review of Books

New Republic: Books & Arts

New York Review of Books

Onion: Words Review Archive

RALPH: Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy, and the Humanities

Post Modern Culture

Review of Contemporary Fiction

Salon: Books

Slate: The Book Club

Spectator: Book Reviews

The American Prospect: Books & Culture

Times Literary Supplement (U.K.)

Wilson Quarterly: Book Reviews

Broadcast Media

BookNotes C-Span transcripts of interviews of authors. Searchable by name, book title, and keyword.

BBC Books

CNN Books


Interactions Team: Book Blog

Pam's Book Log

Eaton Web Portal: Books

The Library of Babel: A Book Log A book log and a list of other weblogs on books.

Online Review Sites

Complete Review Basic information about the book, the site's review and recommendation, a summary of reviews from the media, links to reviews available on the Internet, links to other relevant sites, suggestions of similar books that might be of interest, basic information about the author, and links to other book review sites.

Under the Covers Book Reviews

Book Reviews and Criticism by Richard Seltzer

Danny Yee's Book Reviews

Printed Matter By Elisabeth Sherwin.

Internet Book List A project aiming to list and review as many books as possible.

H-Net: Online Reviews Reviews in the humanities and social sciences.

Books on Law From Jurist.

FindLaw's Book Reviews

Law & Politics Book Review From the Law and Courts Section of the American Political Science Association.

Book Notes, Summaries, and Literary Analyses

Cambridge History of English and American Literature

PAL: Perspectives in American Literature: A Resource Guide

SparkNotes Book summaries and analyses. Need to register for free.

Classic Notes Summaries and analyses of classic texts.

BookRags: Comprehensive Guides to Classic Literature

Pink Monkey


Bibliomania Free online literature and study guides. Click on Study Guides, Research, or Teacher Resources.

Literary Criticism Reviews and criticism by the Internet Public Library.

Course Materials, Including Study Guides to Various Works By Professor Paul Brians of Washington State University.

Link Collections

Open Directory Project: Reviews and Criticism

Yahoo: Book Reviews

Directory of Book Reviews on the Web From AcqWeb.

Bookreviews From BookSpot.

Books: Reviews and New Listings From the Eugene Public Library (Oregon)