Resources for AP U.S. Government and Politics

Lesson 1 of the Civic Action Project (CAP) features the “Citizenship Brainstorm” activity – a terrific beginning-of-the-school-year activity and an engaging intro for any government class. Plus, it sets students up to take informed civic action!

Using CAP in Your AP U.S. GoPo Class

Five core lessons provide students with key content and skills they need to begin work on their CAP, which will help them meet The College Board’s “applied civics project” requirement. All of these lessons also address AP U.S. GoPo Learning Objectives and Essential Knowledge requirements from many course units.

  • For more information about what the lessons can accomplish and look like in your class, take a look at our webinar and presentation on using CAP in your AP U.S. GoPo class.

Free Lessons for Teaching Required
Documents & Supreme Court Cases

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