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CRF provides classroom teachers and students with high-quality content and thought-provoking questioning strategies to promote critical-thinking development, open discussion of issues, and interactive activities to heighten learning. When addressing controversial contemporary or historical issues, we strive to provide a balanced presentation and multiple perspectives. Most of our lessons directly address national and state standards, and additionally we are aligning to the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social-Sciences. 

Your publications are wonderful, I consider them among the finest historical publications I receive, they enhance and deepen my own understanding. Thank you again for your consistently polished products.

— Chris H., Teacher




BRIA 35 Bill of Rights in Action, Fall, 2019 (35:1) 

  • The Census in U.S. History
  • Anne Hutchinson: Midwife of Religious Freedom
  • 270 Votes to Win: The Electoral College in the United States


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Bill of Rights in Action Archive Hundreds of lessons on U.S. history, world history, and government.


Teaching With Primary Sources Inquiry-based lessons for social studies and english-language arts courses using primary sources from the Library of Congress to foster civic knowledge, skills, and dispositions.

CATeach A one-stop resource center for California social studies educators at the elementary, middle, and high school grade levels.

Educating About the Judiciary Exciting, interactive lessons, programs, and publications for teaching about law and the courts.

Educating About Immigration is a new web site devoted to issues of immigration for the classroom from CRF!

Educating About Intellectual Property is a CRF and Street Law, Inc. collaboration. This exciting new web resource on intellectual property has high-interest materials for classroom and individual use.

America's Economic Crisis | Presidents Day | School Violence | Terrorism | Iraq | Black History Month | Brown v. Board | Immigration | Election | Constitution | Impeachment | Service Learning | Free Sample Lessons | Browse CRF's Catalog

Bill of Rights in Action Archive Hundreds of lessons on U.S. history, world history, and government.

America's Economic Crisis Lessons to examine how America has confronted previous economic issues and crisis.

Presidents Day Lessons the offers educators and students an opportunity to reflect on previous presidents—both their contributions to the country and on the challenges and controversies faced by their administrations.

School Violence Lessons and resources.

Discussing Controversial Issues Materials for discussing a number of controversial topics includes a reading with a focus question and additional resources.

The Crisis in Ukraine examines the crisis in Ukraine.

America Responds to Terrorism More than 20 lessons and hundreds of research links. 

War in Iraq Lessons and many research links.

Black History Month Lessons and Resources

Brown v. Board 15 lessons marking the historic Brown decision.

Educating About Immigration An interactive web-based resource focused on helping students everywhere understand one of this nation’s most emotionally charged issues.

Election Central Resources for exploring the electoral process, past and present.

Impeachment Current and historic issues surrounding impeachment.


Foundations of Our Constitution Readings, lessons, and texts of American documents.

Constitution Day Lessons, resources, and links.

Service Learning:

A Guide to Effective Citizenship Through AmeriCorps (PDF)Ten two-hour modules.

Giving Back Manual for youth courts and other juvenile-justice agencies.

School-Based Service Learning (PDF) Lessons on community, problems, and action planning.

Service-Learning Network Articles, book reviews, program profiles, and links.

Free Sample Lessons from CRF's Publications:

Unit 1 from Criminal Justice in America

U.S. Gun Policies from Criminal Justice in America

Setting the Public from The Challenge of Governance

Draw Your Community (Teacher's Handbook) from Active Citizenship Today

Fighting Crime in the Old West from CityYouth: U.S. History

Promise and Problems of the Nile
from CityYouth: Ancient History

Police and the Use of Force
from Youth and Police

Hammurabi's Treasures: The Empire Builders from Of Codes & Crown: The Development of Law, 3rd Ed.

The Rise of Common Law from Of Democrats & Dictators

Texas v. Johnson (Flag Burning) from Landmarks: Historic U.S. Supreme Court Decisions

The Civil Rights Movement from The Challenge of Diversity

Declaration of Independence
from Project History

John Marshall and the Bank Case (McCulloch v. Maryland) (7,2:90) from Landmarks: Historic U.S. Supreme Court Decisions