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Unit 5: The Totalitarians
Of Democrats & Dictators Links, Unit 5: The Totalitarians

Rise in Germany and Russia | Stalin Purges | Hitler’s Rise & Reichstag Fire Trial | Nazi “Justice” | Assassination Plot

The Rise of Totalitarian States in Germany and Russia

Encarta: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Wikipedia: Soviet Union

Yahoo Directory: Soviet Union

Encarta: Joseph Stalin

Wikipedia: Joseph Stalin

Citizendium: Joseph Stalin

Yahoo Directory: Joseph Stalin

Google Directory: Josef Stalin

New York Times Topics: Joseph Stalin

Encarta: Russian Revolutions of 1917

Wikipedia: Russian Revolution of 1917

Internet Modern History Sourcebook: Russian Revolution Primary source documents.

Yahoo Directory: Russian Revolution

Encarta: Adolf Hitler

Wikipedia: Adolf Hitler

Citizendium: Adolf Hitler

Yahoo Directory: Adolf Hitler

New York Times Topics: Adolf Hitler

Wikipedia: Weimar Republic

Encarta: Weimar Republic

Yahoo Directory: Weimar Republic

Wikipedia: Totalitarianism

History Guide: The Age of Totalitarianism: Stalin and Hitler

Death Tolls for the Man-made Megadeaths of the Twentieth Century

Soviet Union: Stalin’s Regime


The Stalin Purges

Wikipedia: The Great Purge

MacroHistory: Purges and Hysteria in the Soviet Union

The 1936 Soviet Constitution

Famous Trials in World History Links: The Stalin Show Trials

Hitler’s Rise to Total Power and Reichstag Fire Trial

History Place

Rise of Hitler

Triumph of Hitler

Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust: The Nazification of Germany

PBS Nova: Holocaust on Trial A timeline.

GermanNotes: History of Reichstag

Reference.com: Reichstag Fire

Wikipedia: Reichstag Fire Decree

Wikipedia: Law Regarding Measures of State Self-Defense

Wikipedia: Gleichschaltung A Nazi term for how the Nazi regime established totalitarian control.

Reichstag Fire Decree The text translated into English.

Internet Modern History Sourcebook: Nazism Primary source documents.

Nazi “Justice”

Wikipedia: Carl Schmitt

Wikipedia: Nuremberg Laws

The History Place: The Wannsee Conference

Plot To Assassinate Hitler and the Trials

Wikipedia: July 20 Plot

Jewish Virtual Library: The July Plot to Assassinate Hitler

World War II Multimedia Database: The Plot to Assassinate Hitler

The Plot to Kill Hitler

Spartacus: Claus von Stauffenberg

Yahoo Directory: Assassination Attempt, 1944