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Links, Unit 6: War Crimes
Of Democrats & Dictators Links, Unit 6: War Crimes

Hague Conventions | Nuremberg Tribunal | Since Nuremberg

Indonesia Coup | Vietnam War | Bangladesh War | Invasion of East Timor | Cambodian Civil War | Iran-Iraq War | Ugandan Civil War | Lebanon Civil War | Bosnian War | Iraq’s Invasion of Kuwait | Liberia and Sierra Leone civil wars | Rwanda | Darfur ConflictInternational Criminal Court

The Hague Conventions

Philosophy Talk: War Crimes A discussion. (Audio file)

Avalon Project: Laws of War Texts of treaties and conventions

Avalon Project: Protocol for the Prohibition of the Use in War of Asphyxiating Gas, and of Bacteriological Methods of Warfare (1928)

Avalon Project: Convention Between the USA and Other Powers, Relating to Prisoners of War (1929)

Avalon Project: Geneva Convention (III) Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War (1949)

Convention Against Torture

The Nuremberg Tribunal

Famous Trials: Nuremberg Trials

Summation for the Prosecution by Justice Robert Jackson (1946)

Principles of the Nuremberg Tribunal (1950)

Avalon Project: Nuremberg War Crimes Trials

Famous Trials in World History Links: Nuremberg Trials

Since Nuremberg

Wikipedia: List of War Crimes

Legacy Project: Events Index

UC Berkeley: War Crimes Study Center

Encarta: War Crimes Trials

Instances since Nuremberg:

Indonesia Coup (1965–66)

Wikipedia: Overthrow of Sukarno

Encarta: Indonesia

Armed Conflict Events Data: Indonesia Coup 1965

Library of Congress: Country Studies: Indonesia

CIA World Factbook: Indonesia

U.S. Department of State: Background Note: Indonesia

BBC News: Country Profile: Indonesia

            Country Studies: Indonesia

Legacy Project: Indonesian Conflict

BUBL Link: Indonesia

Yahoo Directory: Indonesia

Open Directory Project: Indonesia

Google Directory: Indonesia

Vietnam War (1965–1973)

Wikipedia: Vietnam War

My Lai Massacre

Hanoi Hilton

Encarta: Vietnam

Library of Congress: Country Studies: Vietnam

CIA World Factbook: Vietnam

East & Southeast Asia: The Vietnam War

History Guy: Vietnam War Links.

Yahoo Directory: Vietnam War

Google Directory: Vietnam War

Bangladesh War (1971)

Wikipedia: Bangladesh Liberation War

Encarta: Bangladesh

Armed Conflict Events Data: Bangladesh War of Independence 1971

Library of Congress: Country Studies: Bangladesh

CIA World Factbook: Bangladesh

Yahoo Directory: History of Bangladesh

Invasion of East Timor (1975)

Wikipedia: Indonesian Invasion of East Timor

Encarta: East Timor

Salidamor: History of East Timor: Indonesia Invades

Armed Conflict Events Data: Indonesian Occupation of East Timor 1975–1989

CIA World Factbook: East Timor

East & Southeast Asia: East Timor

Global Policy Forum: Ad Hoc Court for East Timor

Yahoo Directory: East Timor

Cambodian Civil War (1975–1979)

Wikipedia: Cambodian Civil War

Armed Conflict Events Data: Killing Fields in Kampuchea 1975–1979

Encarta: Cambodia

Library of Congress: Country Studies: Cambodia

CIA World Factbook: Cambodia

East & Southeast Asia: The Cambodian Holocaust

Khmer Rouge Trial Task Force

Yahoo Directory: Cambodia Genocide

Iran-Iraq War (1980–1988)

Wikipedia: Iran-Iraq War

Encarta: Iran-Iraq War

Armed Conflict Events Data: Iran-Iraq War 1980–1990

Yahoo Directory: Iran-Iraq War

Library of Congress: Country Studies



CIA World Factbook



Ugandan Civil War (1987–present)

Wikipedia: Uganda

Encarta: Uganda

Armed Conflict Events Data

Opposition Insurgencies 1986–1995

LRA Insurgency 1995–present

Library of Congress: Country Studies: Uganda

CIA: World Factbook: Uganda

Lebanon Civil War (1975–1990)

Wikipedia: Lebanese Civil War

Encarta: Lebanon

Armed Conflict Events Data: Lebanese Civil War 1975–76

Library of Congress: Country Studies: Lebanon

CIA World Factbook: Lebanon

Yahoo Full Coverage: Lebanon

Bosnian War (1992–1995)

Wikipedia: War in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Encarta: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Armed Conflict Events Data: Bosnian Civil War 1992–1995

CIA World Factbook: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Guardian Unlimited Special Report: Yugoslavia War Crimes

Yahoo Directory: Bosnian Conflict

Yahoo Full Coverage: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Iraq’s Invasion of Kuwait (1990)

Wikipedia: Gulf War

Encarta: Kuwait

Armed Conflict Events Data: Persian Gulf War 1990–1991

Library of Congress: Country Studies: Kuwait

CIA World Factbook: Kuwait

History Guy: Persian Gulf War

Yahoo Directory: Persian Gulf War

Liberia and Sierra Leone civil wars (1990–2003)


Revolutionary United Front

History of Sierra Leone

History of Liberia

First Liberian Civil War 1989–1996

Second Liberian Civil War 1999–2003

Armed Conflict Events Data

Sierra Leonean Civil War 1991–1996

Liberian Civil War 1996–1997



Sierra Leone

CIA World Factbook


Sierra Leone

The Special Court for Sierra Leone

Yahoo Directory: Sierra Leone Civil War

Rwanda (1994)

Wikipedia: Rwandan Genocide

Armed Conflict Events Data: Tutsi Genocide in Rwanda 1994

CIA World Factbook: Rwanda

International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

Yahoo Directory: Rwanda Genocide

Darfur Conflict (2003–present)

Wikipedia: Darfur Conflict

Library of Congress: Country Studies: Sudan

CIA World Factbook: Sudan

Global Security: Sudan Civil War

Yahoo Directory: Darfur Conflict

Yahoo Full Coverage: Sudan

War in Iraq (2003–present)

Library of Congress: Country Studies: Iraq

CIA World Factbook: Iraq

Encarta: U.S.-Iraq War

History Guy: War in Iraq

Yahoo Full Coverage: Iraq

Constitutional Rights Foundation: War in Iraq: Web Links

The International Criminal Court

Wikipedia: International Criminal Court

LawGuru: International Criminal Court

BBC News: Q&A: International Criminal Court

International Criminal Court The web site of the court.

United Nations: Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court Text of the law.

Coalition for the International Criminal Court Group supporting the court.

Global Issues: International Criminal Court

Human Rights Watch

A Summary of the Case Law of the ICC

International Criminal Court

New York Times Topics: International Criminal Court

Yahoo Directory: International Criminal Court

Reasonable Doubt: The Case Against the Proposed International Criminal Court A 1998 article by Gary T. Dempsey, a foreign policy analyst at the Cato Institute.

Don’t Fear the International Criminal Court By David Kaye. You must register for free before viewing the article.