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Unit 7: The Magna Carta

Of Codes & Crowns Links: Unit 7, The Magna Carta

Commentaries | Text | Encyclopedia Articles | Web Directories


Magna Carta A commentary by Steven Muhlberger.

The Secret History of the Magna Carta A commentary by Peter Linebaugh.

The Great Charter From A Concise History of the Common Law by Theodore F. T. Plucknett.

Text of the Magna Carta

Magna Carta 1215 From Avalon Project.

Treasures in Full: Magna Carta From the British Library.

Magna Carta and the Tradition of Liberty

Magna Carta From Britannia.

Magna Carta 1215 From Medieval Sourcebook.

Magna Carta From Project Gutenberg.

The Magna Carta From LeftJustified.

Encyclopedia Articles

Wikipedia: Magna Carta

Encarta: Magna Carta

Catholic Encyclopedia: Magna Carta

1911 Britannica: Magna Carta

InfoPlease: Magna Carta

Wikipedia: John of England

1911 Britannica: John of England

InfoPlease: King John

Wikipedia: Richard I of England

1911 Britannica: Richard I

Web Directories

Yahoo Directory: Magna Carta

Open Directory Project: John I

Yahoo Directory: John, King of England

Google Directory: Richard I