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Unit 5: Islamic Law

Of Codes & Crowns Links : Unit 4: Islamic Law

Beginning of Islam | Sharia | Islamic Law Today

The Beginning of Islam & the Caliphates

Religion & Ethics: Islam From the BBC.

Introduction to Islam From ReligiousTolerance.org

Civil War and the Umayyad Dynasty

Yahoo Directory: Islam

Google Directory: Islam

Open Directory Project: Islam

The Sharia

Wikipedia: Sharia

Yahoo Directory: Islamic Law

Google Directory: Islamic Law

About Directory: Islamic Law

Open Directory Project: Islamic Law

Open Directory Project: Islamic Jurisprudence

Academic Info: Islamic Studies

Middle East & Jewish Studies: Islam From Columbia University.

Islamic Law From USC.

Islaw Links to sites dealing with Islamic law and the law of countries with large Muslim populations.

Al-Islam.org Resources on Islamic history, law, and practice. From the Digital Islamic Library Project.

Finding the Law: Islamic Law (Sharia) An extensive, annotated list by Andrew Grossman.

MegaLaw: Islamic Law

Islamic Law—The Sharia From the Middle East Institute.

Islamic Law Infobase From the Advanced Legal Studies Institute.

WWW Virtual Library: Islamic and Middle Eastern Law Materials on the Net

Islam and Islamic Studies Resources Large collection of resources from Dr. A. Godlas, professor, University of Georgia.

Islamic Law Today

World Legal Materials From the Mideast Links to legal sources from Muslim countries in the Middle East. From Cornell Law School.

Middle East & Islamic Studies Collection: Laws, Legal Systems, etc. From Cornell University Library. Great site.

Internet Law Library: Laws of Other Nations Links to laws of other countries.

Islamic Family Law: Legal Profiles Information on current family law in many Muslim nations.