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Unit 4, Roman Law

Of Codes & Crowns Links: Unit 4, Roman Law

General Resources | A Brief History | Ancient Law | Praetors | Jurists | Advocates | Imperial Law | Justinian’s Code

General Resources

Legal Latin Overview of the Roman legal system and prisons along with vocabulary and activities.

Wikipedia: Roman Law

Catholic Encyclopedia: Roman Law

1911 Britannica: Roman Law

Questions and Answers on Roman Law

Roman Law Resources Information on Roman law sources and literature, the teaching of Roman law, and the persons who engage in the study of Roman law.

The Civil Law Includes the Twelve Tables, Institutes of Gaius, Rules of Ulpian, Opinions of Paulus, Enactments of Justinian, and the Constitutions of Leo. Translated from Latin by S.P. Scott.

Index of Roman Laws A list of laws followed by a short summary of each.

Roman Law Library A collection of Roman laws. In Latin and other languages (this link is to English translations).

The Roman Creation of Modern Law A chapter from the book The Story of Law by John Maxcy Zane.

An Introduction to the Principles of Roman Civil Law An online book by P. Van Warmelo, Professor of Law, University of South Africa.

The Story of Civilization: Part III: Caesar and Christ: A History of Roman Civilization and of Christianity from Their Beginnings to A.D. 325 by Will Durant, Chapter IV: the Augustan Reformation and Chapter XVIII: Roman Law

Google Directory: Law of Ancient Rome

Yahoo Directory: Law of Ancient Rome

Open Directory Project: Law of Ancient Rome

A Brief History of Ancient Rome

Frank E. Smitha’s The Ancient World An online book.

The Rise of Ancient Rome

Rome, Greeks, and Sulla’s Dictatorship

Judea and Civil War

Fall of the Roman Republic

Jews and Christians in Rome’s Golden Age

Rule by the Julio-Claudians

Rome, From Golden Age to Political Chaos

Remnants of the Roman Empire

Outlines of Roman History Online text by William C. Morey.

J.B. Bury: History of the Later Roman Empire An online text.

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon An online text of the classic work.

Maps of the Roman Republic and Empire

The Roman Republic From 509 B.C. to the Elevation of Augustus

The Roman Republic Lecture notes.

Notes on Roman Politics By Barbara McManus, College of New Rochelle.

The Roman Republic Constitution An explanation of the government of the Republic.

A Roman History Timeline Timelines of the major periods in Roman history.

Timelines for Ancient Roman History

From Octavian to Augustus: Timeline and Images

A Visual Compendium of Roman Emperors

Julius Caesar: The Last Dictator A biography of Caesar and Rome. By Suzanne Cross.

Rome History, culture, philosophy, and resources. By Richard Hooker.

Illustrated History of the Roman Empire Extensive information.

The Romans The history of Rome. By the BBC.

Rome: Republic to Empire Web page originally developed for a course titled “Ancient Rome in Film, Fiction, and Fact.

Roma: Political System Briefly reviews three eras: Kings, Republic, and Empire.

Ordinary Consuls of the Roman Republic and Empire, 300 B.C.–68 A.D. A list of the consuls.

The Roman Empire in the First Century From PBS.

The Roman Empire A history of Rome.

Daily Life in Ancient Rome

The Roman Civilisation

Forum Romanum A helpful starting point for anyone interested in the civilization of ancient Rome. By David Camden.

LacusCurtius: Into the Roman World Many resources on ancient Rome.

Ancient Rome More links to resources.

Resources for Augustan Studies Links to sites on Octavian.

When Roman Law Ruled the Western World Reading and lesson from Constitutional Rights Foundation, which includes extensive links on Roman law.

Google Directory: History of Ancient Rome

Yahoo Directory: History of Ancient Rome

Open Directory Project: History of Ancient Rome

Ancient Law of Rome & the Twelve Tables

Ancient Roman Laws

Wikipedia: Twelve Tables

Lex Duodecim Tabularum Article on the Twelve Tables by George Long, M.A., Fellow of Trinity College.

The History Guide: The Laws of the Twelve Tables

The Law of the Twelve Tables From E. H. Warmington, Remains of Old Latin III, circa 450 B.C.

Roman Law: The Twelve Tables

Ancient History Sourcebook: The Twelve Tables, c. 450 BCE

Avalon Project: The Twelve Tables

Project Gutenberg EBook of The Twelve Tables

Constitution.org: The Laws of the Twelve Tables

Obis Latinus: Twelve Tables In both the original Latin and an English translation by Oliver J. Thatcher, ed., The Library of Original Sources.

Liberty Library of Constitutional Classics: The Laws of the Twelve Tables Translation by Samuel P. Scott.

The Twelve Tables

The Twelve Tables Commentary and translation by Johnson, Coleman-Norton & Bourne, Ancient Roman Statutes, Austin, 1961

Praetor System & Law of Nations

Wikipedia: Praetor

1911 Britannica: Praetor

Livius: Praetor

VRoma: Praetor

’Lectric Law Library: Praetor


Wikipedia: Gaius

The Four Commentaries of Gauis (Translated by Scott)

Commentary I

Commentary II

Commentary III

Commentary IV

Institutes of Gaius (Translated by Poste)

Book I: Status or Unequal Rights

Book II: Equal Rights

Book III: Intestacy

Book IV: Procedure

Chapter VI of The Decline and Fall Of The Roman Empire Contains the death of Severus and the tyranny of Caracalla. From Edward Gibbon’s classic work.

Wikipedia: Category: Roman Jurists Links to Wikipedia articles on Roman jurists.

Criminal Law & Advocates

Wikipedia: Cicero

Plutarch’s Lives: Cicero

Cicero: Pro Roscio Amerino A nice summary of the Roscius case.

Defence of Roscius Cicero’s Speech defending Roscius.

The Orations of Marcus Tullius Cicero

Wikipedia: Pliny the Younger

Pliny the Younger A biography by Jona Lendering.

Pliny the Younger: Letters

Aristotle’s Rhetoric An online version of the text.

The Art of Rhetoric: Learning How to Use the Three Main Rhetorical Styles

The Types of Appeal in an Argument

Logos, Ethos and Pathos

A General Summary of Aristotle’s Appeals

Ethos, Pathos, Logos Links

Imperial Law

Capital Punishment

Slavery in Society in Ancient Rome Resources from Professor Brent Shaw, University of Pennsylvania.

The Murder of Pedanius Secundus Account by the Roman historian Tacitus.

Justinian’s Code

A Chronology of Early Byzantine History Outline notes of Byzantine history.

Encarta: Justinian I

Wikipedia: Justinian I

Catholic Encyclopedia: Justinian I

Roman Emperors: Justinian (527–565 A.D.) A biography.

The Greek Compilation of Roman Law A chapter from the book The Story of Law by John Maxcy Zane.

Wikipedia: Corpus Juris Civilis

Codex Justinianeus Article by George Long, M.A., Fellow of Trinity College.

Medieval Sourcebook: The Institutes of Justinian Selected Laws

The Civil Law Translated by S.P. Scott.




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