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2023 Los Angeles County Mock Trial Competition

Judges, Attorneys, and Law Students   

The Los Angeles County Mock Trial Competition is back in person at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse!

We need over 600 legal volunteers to score the trials in November.
Each scoring panel includes a presiding judge to preside over a trial and 3-4 attorneys to score the students’ performances.

Over 2,500 high and middle school students will represent their school in court portraying the roles of attorneys, witnesses, clerks, and bailiffs. These young people work hard to prepare for the competition and you will enjoy your experience with them. 

Please volunteer and spread the word to your colleagues!




Trials start at 5:00 pm at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in downtown Los Angeles and last about 2 ½ hours. Light refreshments will be provided. We need volunteers for the rounds below.

Thursday, November 2 - Senior Round 1
Monday, November 6 - Junior Round 1
Wednesday, November 8 - Senior Round 2
Monday, November 13 - Junior Round 2
Wednesday, November 15 - Senior Round 3


Sign up today! Go to LAC MT Volunteer/Tabroom

STEP ONEClick on "Sign Up" in the middle of the page and create an account. 

**If you already have a Tabroom account, skip and go to Step Two below
  • Under the “Non-NSDA Members” heading, completely fill out the information including a phone number.
  • Then click on “Create Account”.

Click on "Log in" in the middle of the page and log in.

        • Enter your email and password.

        • Then click on “Log Into Your Account”.

Sign-up to volunteer for one or more rounds. 

        • Please review the instructions/disclaimer and agree to the disclaimer.

        • Completely fill out the information including a phone number. Then click on “Register to Judge”.

If you need a step-by-step guide click hereWe are using a web-based system called Tabroom, which will enable us to automate and streamline several competition operations. Once you have a Tabroom account you can sign-up to volunteer to preside/score and use the same login to enter your scores during the competition. 

Questions? Contact Sean-Michael Ramirez at

Scoring Panel Materials 

Case - People v. Clark - password will be emailed with the confirmation email

Judge/Attorney Handbook

Mock Trial Co-Sponsors
American Board of Trials Advocates Foundation 
Daily Journal Corporation
Los Angeles County Bar Association



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