Los Angeles County Mock Trial Team Registration

2020 Registration Information

Below are the requirements in order to participate in the 2020 Los Angeles County Mock Trial Competition. Teams/students must complete all four steps to participate in this year's competition. If you need assistance registering or have any questions contact Jasmin Espinoza at jasmin@crf-usa.org.

Step One — Team registration is now closed - Deadline was September 1, 2020.

Returning School

  1. Enter the Username/Password used in previous years. If you do not remember it, email Jasmin Espinoza at jasmin@crf-usa.org to get your username and password.

  2. Prior registration information will appear, please update any necessary information and click "save."

  3.  Then, a new screen with your school inormation will appear. Click on "Complete Registration" to complete the school's registration.

New School (follow all the steps below)

  1. Click on "add a new record"

  2. Enter all the school information and click "save".

  3. Then, sign-in using your username and password. Verify information and click "Complete Registration.”

Step Two — Student registration - Deadline is October 9th.

Student Registration Online Form - All students (team members, artists, and journalists) must be registered in order to participate and process their participation certificates and other important materials for the competition.

  1. Create username and password

  2. Enter all the necessary information

  3. Then click "Submit Registration"

The way you type your name on the registration is the way it will appear on any award/certificate/material that CRF may provide, so please be careful with typos.

Step Three — Submit Permission Slips to CRF - October 9th Deadline

Each team member, artist, and journalist must submit a permission slip to participate in the 2020 Los Angeles County Mock Trial by October 9th. The parents/guardians must complete the permission slip online. 

Step Four — Submit Registration Fees - October 9th Deadline

Each team must pay a team registration in the amount of $450 per team. Each artist and journalist must pay a registration fee of $25 per artist or journalist. Checks must be submitted by October 9 and should be made payable to Constitutional Rights Foundation and mail the payment with the Entry Fee Form to CRF/Mock Trial; 601 S. Kingsley Drive; Los Angeles, CA, 90005. You must add a late fee of $25 if fees are not submitted by October 9th.



Substitute Teams

  • If your team is interested in serving as a substitute team (in the event of an uneven number of competing teams), please email Lourdes Morales or (213) 316-2125.

  • This means that during a given round, your team that is not presenting may participate in a practice round against another team. There is no additional fee to participate as a substitute team. We cannot guarantee that any school will have the opportunity to provide a substitute team. Substitute teams scores will not count during the competition and will be considered as practice only.

Fundraising Packet

The fundraising packet includes tips to help you formulate ideas on how to raise money to participate in the Mock Trial Program. Many students have used the tips included in the packet with great success. Download the Fundraising Packet.