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California Mock Trial Finals - March 18-21, 2021 

 At the State Finals, the winning teams from 36 counties will present People v. Croddy, the trial of Lee Croddy. Lee Croddy hosts a popular YouTube channel called The Right Choice of News (RCN). Croddy has been charged with two counts: (1) aiding and abetting in the commission of first-degree burglary by another, and (2) accessory after the fact. The pretrial issue centers on the Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination and as set forth in Miranda v. Arizona.

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2021 State Finals Winners List

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American Board of Trials Advocates / Daily Journal Corporation

p v klein vid cover

People v. Klein (Calif. Championship Finals)
Online Streaming Rental: 15 Days $5.95/ 30 Days $9.95 

  p v marksonvideo

People v. Markson (Calif. Championship Finals)
Online Streaming Rental: 15 Days $5.95/ 30 Days $9.95 



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