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Sha Law Law DVD


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Sha-Law-Law: Justice, the Courts, and You
Grades 4-9

Our popular video Sha-Law-Law returns on DVD. This video and lessons are designed to give students a basic introduction to the way in which society handles conflicts through the use of the justice system (Civil, Criminal, and Juvenile).

Jimmy Mack, an early ’60s juvenile offender, introduces students to our justice system from his perspective up in Rock and Roll Heaven. Under Jimmy’s influence three of his old nemeses on Earth, Mrs. Bumble, Officer Fields, and Judge Windsor share their expertise about three areas of the justice system. They describe the kinds of conflicts dealt with, recall examples from their own experiences, identify procedures of special application, and describe important roles and functions within the various areas. In so doing, students get an overview of civil litigation, police practices, and court procedures and personnel.

  • Students participate in a brief preliminary discussion in which they relate the idea of conflict to their everyday experience.
  • Students view and discuss the video.
  • Students participate in one or three alternatives activities.

The included teacher’s guide provides activity instructions and a legal word list.

Sha-Law-Law (DVD) Approx. 16 Min. Price: $9.95

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