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The Challenge of Violence
Grades 9-12

violence.jpgThe first volume of the Challenge series, this 72-page supplementary text challenges students to grapple with one of America’s most vexing problems. The book is divided into three units:

Unit 1: The Problem of Violence places the problem of violence in a historical context; explores the problems of violence today, including gangs and youth violence; and examines causes and risk factors.

Unit 2: Law and Public Policy examines how law and public policy at the national, state, and local levels seek to address the problem. Students engage in crucial societal debates over proposed solutions, including punishment versus prevention, gun control, curfews, and school uniforms.

Unit 3: Taking Action Against Violence helps students move beyond the classroom to learn how to take action against violence in their own lives and communities. Working as individuals and groups, they learn about and practice the skills and strategies of violence prevention, including self-protection, conflict management, volunteering, and conducting their own service-learning public-safety projects.

A separate teacher’s guide provides step-by-step procedures for 21 interactive lessons, which use material from the text and 18 reproducible handout masters. Included are directed discussions, role plays, simulations, and critical-thinking exercises. Also included are readings and procedures for guiding three Civil Conversations in which students conduct structured, Socratic-style discussions on provocative issues.

  • Fully illustrated with photos, charts, and cartoons
  • Perfect for government and civics, 20th-century U.S history, contemporary-problems, and law-related courses
The Challenge of Violence Student Edition, 72 pp.,Price: $9.95

The Challenge of Violence Teacher's Guide, 47 pp., Price: $8.95

The Challenge of Violence Student Edition (Set of 10), Price: $94.95

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This book was made possible by a generous grant from the W.M. Keck Foundation.

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