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Catalog Take Charge

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Take Charge: A Youth Guide to Community Change

takecharge.jpg Grades 8–12

All across the nation, young people are learning how to create positive community change. Whether school- or community-based, well-planned civic-participation projects help young people develop citizenship and leadership skills while they make the world a better place to live—for themselves and others. Take Charge is a step-by-step manual for teaching citizenship and creating community change. Designed for school or community use, this straightforward guide shows young people how to work together to:

  • Explore and define their community and identify its needs and resources.
  • Look at policies that impact their lives and the life of their community.
  • Interact positively with local government, businesses, non-profits, and the media.
  • Plan and complete a project designed to create positive community change.
Take Charge is ideal for school or community groups. With Take Charge, young people follow a simple framework to:
  • Explore their community.
  • Identify community problems.
  • Evaluate public policy.
  • Explore options to deal with community problems.
  • Plan an action project.


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