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Catalog Civic Action Starters

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Civic Action Starters
Grades 9-12

Perfect for schools or youth groups, these starter kits offer stimulating, hands-on, and quick introductions to effective citizenship.

Citizenship Mini-Lessons

Citizen.jpgCitizenship Mini-Lessons provide 14 interactive lessons on citizenship knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors. Every lesson can be taught in sequence or on an occasional basis. Each takes just one class period. Teacher materials include complete instructions for the lessons. Each lesson comes with a one-page student handout, which has a brief introduction, a short reading, an explanation of the activity, and discussion questions.Mini-Lesson topics include: • Opinion polling
• Policy analysis
• Rights and freedoms
• Citizenship and voting
• Propaganda
• News search
• Community exploration
• Differing perspectives
• Getting involved
• Values in conflict And MORE!!

Citizenship Mini-Lessons, 30 pp., Price: $5.95


Civic.jpgCivic Action Guide

 Are you going to help young people do a service project? The Civic Action Guide gives you all you will need, including:

  • Planning Guide, handouts that students can use to plan, implement, and evaluate a project. The handouts explain the basic steps of all projects, how to plan, and include a blank project plan for students to fill out.
  • Eight Community Action Projects, one-page handouts sketching plans for community- service projects. Each sheet includes a project description, its goals, resources needed, relevant facts or figures, a series of action steps, and some methods to evaluate the project.
  • Skills, handouts on skills, such as interviewing, opinion polling, and finding resources.
The Civic Action Guidealso contains step-by-step teacher instructions for implementing the guide. 
Civic Action Guide, 25 pp., Price: $5.95

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