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Landmarks Links, Bush v. Gore (2000)

Election of 2000 | Bush v. Gore | Commentary | Al Gore | George W. Bush | Books

Election of 2000

Encyclopedia Articles:

Encarta: Election of 2000

Wikipedia: Election of 2000

InfoPlease: Election of 2000

Answers.com: Election of 2000

Infoplease: 2000 Election Chronology

Digital History: The Disputed Election of 2000

CBS News Coverage of Election Night 2000: Investigation, Analysis, Recommendations (PDF file)

Maps and cartograms of the 2004 US presidential election results


Yahoo Directory: 2000 Presidential Election

Google Directory: Election of 2000

Open Directory Project: Election of 2000

Bush v. Gore (2000)

Encyclopedia Articles:

Wikipedia: Bush v. Gore

Answers.com: Bush v. Gore

Supreme Court for Dummies: Bush v. Gore Case Study

PBS: Supreme Court History: Bush v Gore

Oyez: Bush v. Gore A brief summary of the case with links to the oral argument, briefs, and written opinion.

Law Library: American Law and Legal Information: Bush v. Gore: Introduction, Election Night, The Controversy Begins, The U.S. Supreme Court Steps In

FindLaw: Election 2000: Special Coverage Many resources on each step in the appeals process.

Text of the case:

FindLaw: Bush v. Gore

Justia: Bush v. Gore

Legal Information Institute: Bush v. Gore

Yahoo Directory: Bush v. Gore Links

Commentary on the Case

University of Chicago Press: Bush v Gore: What Were They Thinking? By David A. Strauss.

The New York Times: Has Bush v. Gore Become the Case That Must Not Be Named? By Adam Cohen.

New York Times Book Review: Posner v. Dershowitz A review of books from two legal scholars with opposing views on the decision.

Slate: The Supreme Court and the 2000 Election An e-mail exchange between Posner and Dershowitz.

Journal of Law & Politics: Overcoming Democracy: Richard Posner and Bush v. Gore A long review of Posner’s book.

Common-Place: Bush v. Gore A discussion of the decision by Rogers M. Smith, professor of political science at the University of Pennsylvania.

Yale Law Journal: Bush v. Gore and the Boundary Between Law and Politics (PDF file) Essay by Yale law professor Jack M. Balkin.

Law & Contemporary Problems: Bush v. Gore and the French Revolution: A Tentative List of Some Early Lessons Article by Sanford Levinson, professor at the University of Texas Law School.

Florida State University College of Law: Bush v. Gore An entire issue of the law review with articles on Bush v. Gore.

George Mason University School of Law: The Unbearable Wrongness of Bush v. Gore (PDF file) By Laurence Tribe, professor of law, Harvard Law School.

George Mason University School of Law: The Unbearable Rightness of Bush v. Gore (PDF file) By Nelson Lund, professor of law, George Mason University.

Newsweek: Bush v. Gore, Ticking Bomb By George Will.

Center for the Study of Law & Politics: A Critical Guide to Bush v. Gore Scholarship (PDF file) The article surveys answers that scholars have given to central questions regarding the case.

Al Gore

Encyclopedia Articles:

Encarta: Al Gore

Wikipedia: Al Gore

Answers.com: Al Gore

Infoplease: Al Gore


Google Directory: Al Gore

Open Directory Project: Al Gore

Yahoo Directory: Al Gore

George W. Bush

Encyclopedia Articles:

Encarta: George Bush

Wikipedia: George Bush

Answers.com: George Bush

Infoplease: George W. Bush


Google Directory: George Bush

Open Directory Project: George Bush

Yahoo Directory: George Bush


Bush v. Gore: The Court Cases and the Commentary Edited by William Kristol and E.J. Dionne.

Too Close to Call: The Thirty-Six-Day Battle to Decide the 2000 Election By Jeffrey Toobin.

A Badly Flawed Election: Debating Bush v. Gore, the Supreme Court, and American Democracy By Ronald Dworkin.

The Vote: Bush, Gore, and the Supreme Court Edited by Cass R. Sunstein and Richard A. Epstein.

Breaking the Deadlock: The 2000 Election, the Constitution, and the Courts By Richard A. Posner.

Supreme Injustice How the High Court Hijacked Election 2000 By Alan M. Dershowitz.