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Impeachment Links

Impeachment Links

The most comprehensive and reliable links to impeachment that are available on the Internet

Broadcast Media
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| Government | Other Sources | Andrew Johnson | Richard Nixon |

Broadcast Media

ABC "A President in Crisis"

CBS "White House Under Fire"

CNN "Investigating the President"

Court TV "Clinton in Crisis"

C-SPAN "Investigation of the President"

Fox "Investigating Clinton"

MSNBC "The Clinton Crisis"

PBS "Starr Investigation"


Print Media

Christian Science Monitor "President Clinton: A Time for Reckoning"

Los Angeles Times "Clinton Under Fire"

New York Times "The President Under Fire"

Time Magazine "Crisis in the White House"

USA Today "The Starr Report"

Washington Post "Clinton Accused"



American Lawyer Media's Law News Network.com "Special Impeachment Coverage"

Intellectual Capital.com "Clinton/Starr Files"

Salon Magazine "The Clinton Crisis"



Grolier Online "Impeachment"


Legal Sources

Guide to Impeachment and Censure Materials Online
JURIST: The Law Professors' Network recommends resources under these categories: Impeachment Primers, Constitutional and Statutory Provisions on Impeachment, Impeachments in History, Impeachment Procedures, Cases on Impeachment, Censure, Clinton Controversy, and Academic Opinion.

Legal Information Institute "Backgrounder on Impeachment"
From the Law School at Cornell University.

A Brief Guide to Impeachment
From Professor Karl Mannheim, Loyola Law School, Los Angeles.

FAQs and Web Resources on the Impeachment Process
From the American Bar Association.



White House Memorandum Regarding Standards for Impeachment

House Judiciary Committee Impeachment Inquiry

Constitutional Grounds for Presidential Impeachment
The 1974 report by the staff of the House Judiciary Committee, which examined the history, grounds, and proper uses of impeachment prior to the committee's hearing on the Nixon impeachment.


Other Sources

Policy.com "Congress Considers Impeachment"

The Presidency A to Z "Impeachment"

Northern Light "The Starr Report"

Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson's Impeachment Ordeal
By Daniel Glover, associate editor of IntellectualCapital.com, an e-zine.

Andrew Johnson, Impeachment and President Clinton
By Wesley Loy, a reporter for the News-Sentinel in Knoxville, Tenn.

Impeachment Trial of Andrew Johnson
From a biography of Samuel Chase, the chief justice who presided over Johnson's trial in the Senate.

Finding Precedent: The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson
HarpWeek presents excerpts from the Harper's Weekly coverage of the 1868 Johnson impeachment.

The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson
By Constitutional Rights Foundation.


Richard Nixon

Watergat e 25
The Washington Post's 25th anniversary site on Watergate.

The American Experience: Nixon
PBS profile of the Nixon presidency


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