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Wordle You can turn famous documents or any any text into a “word cloud.” You provide the text, and Wordle provides the graphics.

WikiHow: How to Make a Poster

How to Make a Poster PDF

Creating Effective Poster Presentations | An Effective Poster Step-by-step instructions and even video guides for creating posters. From North Carolina State University.

Do’s and Don’ts of Poster Presentation PDF. From Stanford University.

The 60-Minute Emergency Poster Guide Simple steps for making a poster.

Glogster Create “Glogs” — interactive posters loaded with text, graphics, music, videos, and more.



Tools for creating online slide shows

Big Huge Labs Create a slideshow from images anywhere on the Internet.

Bookr Create and share a photo book using Flickr.

My Brainshark Create, share and track online and mobile video presentations..

Knovio Polish your PowerPoint presentations with online tools on this site.

MentorMob Create “learning playlists.”


Mixbook Create a custom photo book.

9Slides Show slides and video. First five presentations are free.

Prezi A presentation tool that helps you organize and share your ideas.

Rewindy Tool that lets you upload photos, add text, and create slide shows.

SlideBomb and SlideBomb Academy Tools for slideshows that let you add Youtube videos, Google Maps, images, links to images, text, and more to your slides.

Slidestaxx Create slideshows.



Yodio Create narrated a photo album.

Free website creation:






Making a Presentation: Part One, Part Two, and Part Three   Google Docs Create, share, and collaborate on the web with documents, presentations, and more.

18 Best Video Editing Software For Free Download (Windows)


Websites to Find Images for Projects 

Wikipedia and its companion site Wikimedia Commons Thousands of public domain images. These sites are the easiest to use.
Edupics Coloring pages, pictures, photographs, and handicraft.

Icon Search Engine Search for graphics using keywords.

flickrCC Find photos on flickr that were released under the creative commons license (meaning you can use them for school projects). Search using keywords. The panel on the left will show the first 36 photos matching your search term. Click on any of these thumbnails to get a larger image. Right click the image and 'save image as' if you want to use the image.

Photos8 Free stock photos.

For many more images, see Images (Public domain photographs, paintings, and cartoons on U.S. history) and Images and Pictures Links.


Local Libraries, Museums, and Other Places Where You Can Find Resources