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Press Conference
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Voter Turnout | Elections | Hate Crimes |

Voter Turnout

Why Don’t Americans Vote? Article, links, and lesson from Bill of Rights in Action by Constitutional Rights Foundation.

Voter Turnout From 1945 to Date Database of all countries and voter turnout data. From Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance.

National Voter Turnout in Federal Elections From the Federal Election Commission.

Voter Turnout Reports, statistics, academic articles, media coverage, and links. By Dr. Michael McDonald, Department of Public and International Affairs, George Mason University.



Official State Election Sites Links to the department in each state, which has information and statistics on elections. From Constitutional Rights Foundation.

America and Elections Links to information on elections, primaries, national conventions, the electoral college, electoral districts, congressional elections, financing of elections, political action committees, initiatives, recall elections, and referendums.

U.S. Elections Information and statistics from Infoplease.

Election Central Resources and lessons from Constitutional Rights Foundation.

Open Directory Project: Elections

Google Directory: Elections

Yahoo Directory: Elections

Project Vote Smart Information on candidates and elected officials in five basic categories: biographical information, issue positions, voting records, campaign finances and interest group ratings.

Yahoo News: State and Local Elections


Hate Crimes

Should Hate Be Outlawed? Article, links, and lesson from Bill of Rights in Action by Constitutional Rights Foundation.

Hate Crimes Today: An Age-Old Foe in Modern Dress From the American Psychological Association.

Hate Crime Statistics From the FBI.

Defining Hate Crimes Overview and links from Infoplease.

Hate Crime Links


Updated January 19, 2006

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