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CityWorks Links, Lobbyists

The Legislative Process | Lobbying | How to Lobby

The Legislative Process

Governments of the 50 States Links to the official state web site, governor’s office, legislature, and court system of each state. From Constitutional Rights Foundation.
The Legislative Process in Each State Links to each state’s explanation of how a bill becomes a law in that state. From Constitutional Rights Foundation.
Stateline.org Politics and policy news, state by state.



Google Directory: Lobbying
Open Directory Project: Lobbying
Lobbying Activity A database tracking lobbyists in the California legislature.
ALL: American League of Lobbyists Information on lobbying.
Wikipedia: Lobbying


How to Lobby

Lobbying—The Basics A how-to guide. From the Democracy Center.
Nonprofit Lobbying Guide An online book on how to lobby. By Bob Smucker. Click to download the PDF file.
Tips on political lobbying
How to Lobby Your Legislator From the League of Women Voters of Washington.
Seven Steps To Lobbying From a site opposing mandatory helmet laws.

Updated January 19, 2006

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