Resources for Learning in the Time of COVID-19



distance learning

We’re in this together. Our team is developing new resources in real time to help students keep learning at home.  

Knowing the challenges families and teachers are facing, we are using a variety of media:

  • Low-tech: lessons that can be emailed, uploaded into your learning management system, or copied and distributed through “packet pick up.”
  • Taught online: lessons and activities teachers can use on Google Hangouts, Zoom, or whatever platform you may be using.
  • Taught by CRF and Youth: webinars led by CRF staff and/or youth for your students (and families) to participate in. Many CRF staff members have teaching backgrounds and we are going to work with our Civic Action Project (CAP) Youth Board led by Sari Kaufman and Casey Sherman (#MarchforOurLives) to present webinars directly to students. We know that kids are missing other kids, so we are excited to have youth teaching youth. 



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