Unit 5-Chapter 19

What Is Delinquency?

Introduction to Juvenile Court An overview of the juvenile court system in California, including the differences between status, delinquency, and dependency cases. (California Courts)
State Profiles Information and analysis regarding each state’s juvenile justice system including laws, policies, and practices. (National Center for Juvenile Justice)

A Tour of the System

Most young law violators enter the juvenile justice system through law enforcement agencies Excerpt from Juvenile Justice: A Century of Change. (OJJDP)
National Juvenile Justice Data Archive Statistics and data on all aspects of the juvenile justice system.
Juvenile Arrests An annual report. (OJJDP)
Juvenile Court Statistics 2000 The latest statistics on juvenile court. Click on the cover for a PDF file of the report. (OJJDP)
Juveniles in Court National estimates of juvenile court processing for delinquency cases. (OJJDP Statistical Briefing Book)
Age Limits on Juvenile Court Excerpt from Juvenile Justice: A Century of Change. (OJJDP)
When a Minor Commits a Crime Overview of juvenile justice system. (Nolo Press)

Initial Detention of Juveniles

Controlling the Front Gates: Effective Admissions Policies and Practices (PDF file) A report on reform efforts in juvenile detention by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.
Desktop Guide to Good Juvenile Detention Practice (PDF) (Text) Extensive coverage of all issues relating to juvenile detention. (OJJDP)
County of Sacramento: Juvenile Court An explanation of the county’s court system, including its intake policies.



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