Unit 2-Chapter 5

From Volunteers to Professional Police

U.S. Police Agency Structure and Organization Information and links to federal, state, and local police agencies in the United States. (MegaLinks in Criminal Justice)
Law Enforcement Agencies Links to federal, state, and other law-enforcement organizations. (Quatloos)
Department of Homeland Security The new U.S. agency.
Official Directory of State Patrol and State Police Links to every state’s department.
History of the Metropolitan Police Service History and famous cases from London’s police department.
Who We Are A brief history of the NYPD.
A Brief Guide to Police History A history of policing from ancient times to the present. (MegaLinks in Criminal Justice)
AJAX Links to U.S. and international intelligence agencies, law-enforcement agencies, defense agencies, defense laboratories, military branches, regulatory agencies, and other government agencies.
Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse Non-partisan information on federal law enforcement. (Syracuse University)
Federal Law Enforcement Officers, 2002 National data on federal officers with arrest and firearms authority. (Bureau of Justice Statistics)

Local Police

United States Law Enforcement Agencies Directory of law-enforcement agencies in the United States.
Yahoo Directory: Law Enforcement Departments
LAPD Recruitment Brochure Requirements and benefits for being a member of the LAPD.
NYPD The largest police department in the United States.
Public Safety Broadcasts on the Internet Links to the police and fire department broadcasts from various cities.
Law Enforcement Jobs Information about job advertisements and employment opportunities for those in police work.
Local Police Departments, 2000 Report on the more than 13,000 local police departments nationwide. Information on the number and size of agencies, race and sex of sworn personnel, lockup facilities, operating expenditures, starting salaries and more. (Bureau of Justice Statistics)



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