Unit 1-Chapter 4

Victims of Violent Crimes

Victim Characteristics The latest statistics on violent and property crime victims. (Bureau of Justice Statistics)
Robbery Rates The trend in crime. (Bureau of Justice Statistics)
A Grief Like No Other A 1997 article by Eric Schlosser exploring the idea that our culture is far more fascinated by murderers than by the families of their victims. (Atlantic Monthly)
Intimate Partner Violence A report on violence by intimates (current or former spouses, girlfriends, or boyfriends). (Bureau of Justice Statistics)
Intimate Partner Violence Factsheet Facts, publications, prevention strategies, and links. (Centers for Disease Control)
“Friends” Raping Friends—Could It Happen to You? Advice for date-rape victims and potential victims on protection, prevention, and healing. It aims to help everyone, including potential date rapists, understand the issue of rape.
Findlaw Library: Violence Against Women Links to sites about violence against women.
Telling A New York Times book review of Patricia Weaver Francisco’s book Telling: A Memoir of Rape and Recovery, which chronicles her personal experiences of rape’s repercussions.
OVC Help Series Brochures Brochures for crime victims explaining crime facts, the victim’s experience, and how to seek help. (Office for Victims of Crimes)
NCJRS: Victims Publications and links from the federal government. (National Criminal Justice Reference Service)

Victims of Property Crimes

Burglary Rates Chart on burglary rates. (Bureau of Justice Statistics)
Preventing Identity Theft An online course to help keep you from being a victim. (AARP)
PBS Online NewsHour: Stealing Identities A discussion with two privacy experts about the growing problem of identity theft.
Identity Theft Resources Links designed to aid victims of identity theft.
beSpacific: ID Theft Archives A legal web log’s links to current and past information on identity theft.
Identity Fraud Links Page This web page contains helpful links for victims of identity fraud.
Maureen’s Full Statement (PDF file) Testimony of Maureen Mitchell, a victim of identity theft, before the House Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit.
Identity Theft Prevention and Survival Fact sheets, current law, testimonials, and extensive reviews of a book on how to prevent identity theft.
FTC’s Identity Theft Site The U.S. government’s central web site for information about identity theft. (Federal Trade Commission)
Take Charge: Fighting Back Against Identity Theft Government e-booklet on guarding against and recovering from identity theft. (Federal Trade Commission)
NCJRS: In the Spotlight: Identity Theft Facts & figures, legislation, publications, programs, and related resources.
Consumer Fraud Against the Elderly A concise and highly informative web page on the problem of consumer fraud against the elderly. (Federal Trade Commission)

Helping Victims of Crime

Victim Compensation Fund A history and overview of victim compensation funds.
New York State Crime Victims Board The web site for the board featured in this article.
State Compensation Web Sites Links to all the state crime victim compensation boards.
Directory of International Crime Victim Compensation Programs A directory of each country’s (including the United States’) crime victim program. (Office for Victims of Crimes)
Office for Victims of Crimes The federal agency focused on crime victims.
National Organization for Victim Assistance This organization promotes rights and services for victims of crime and crisis everywhere.
National Center for Victims of Crimes Information, links, and resources on a wide-range of victim-related topics, including domestic violence, elder abuse, homicide, identity fraud, sexual assault, stalking, workplace violence, victims’ rights, and a host of legal issues.

The Push for Victims’ Rights

Victims’ Rights An extensive slide show on this subject.
California Ballot Propositions A search engine of California ballot propositions from 1911 to the present. You can find information on Proposition 115.
Booth v. Maryland (1987) The U.S. Supreme Court case on victim-impact statements that was overturned by Payne v Tennessee.
Payne v. Tennessee (1991) The U.S. Supreme Court case upholding victim-impact statements in death-penalty cases.
Victim Impact Statements Considered in Sentencing: Constitutional Concerns A California Law Review article exploring victim-impact statements, their history, and legal challenges to them.
Should the Characteristics of Victims and Criminals Count? Payne v Tennessee and Two Views of Efficient Punishment: A Boston College Law Review article looking at issues raised by the Supreme Court case of Payne v Tennessee.
Crime Victims’ Rights in America (PDF file) A historical overview of victims’ rights in America.
National Victims’ Constitutional Amendment Passage Group advocation for passage of a victims’ rights amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
PBS Online NewsHour: Making Amends Two constitutional experts debate adding a victims’ rights amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
NCJRS: Victims Rights Publications and links from the federal government. (National Criminal Justice Reference Service)
Yahoo Directory: Victims’ Rights



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