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Unit 1: Crime

Chapter 1: Crimes

The Basics of Crime
Elements of a Crime
Murder Most Foul
No Honor Among Thieves
Hate Crimes

Chapter 2: Defenses

An Overview of Defenses
The Insanity Defense

Chapter 3: Criminals

History of Violent Crime in America
How Much Crime Is There?
Youth, Gangs, and Violence
White-Collar Criminals
Swindlers and Con Artists

Chapter 4: Crime Victims

Who Are the Victims?
Victims of Violent Crimes
Victims of Property Crimes
Helping Victims of Crime
The Push for Victims’ Rights

Unit 2: The Police

Chapter 5: Police and Society

From Volunteers to Professional Police
Local Police


Chapter 6: Methods and Investigations

Community Policing
Criminal Investigations
Crime Labs

Chapter 7: Police and the Law

Criminal Procedure
The Law of Search and Seizure
Has a Search or Seizure Taken Place?
Is the Search or Seizure Reasonable?
Motor Vehicle Exception
The Stop and Frisk Exception
Other Exceptions
Interrogation and Confessions
Miranda’s Aftermath
The Exclusionary Rule

Chapter 8: The Limits of Police Authority

Racial Profiling
Police Corruption
Use of Force
Policing the Police
You and the Police

Unit 3: The Criminal Case

Chapter 9: Courts and the Case Process

The Two Systems of Criminal Courts
Judges and Judicial Independence
Criminal Lawyers
The Rights of Criminal Defendants
The Criminal Case Process
Using This Unit

Chapter 10: Investigation and Arrest

Police Crime Investigation Report
State Criminal Code
In Defense of Thomas Evans

Chapter 11: Pretrial

First Appearance Before a Judge
The Question of Bail
Prosecutorial Review
Plea Bargaining
Probable Cause Hearing
Evans’ Probable Cause HearingArraignment
An Issue at the Arraignment

Chapter 12: Trial

Trial Procedures
Cast of Characters
The Trial of Thomas Evans
Jury Selection
Trial Strategy
Opening Statements
Direct and Circumstantial Evidence
Rules of Evidence
Closing Statements
Instructing the Jury

Unit 4: Corrections

Chapter 13: Corrections and Society

The Purpose of Punishment
A Brief History of Punishment

Chapter 14: Current Debates

The Shaky Status of Sentencing Guidelines
Are Too Many People Behind Bars?
Do Sentences Have to Be Proportionate?
Crack Versus Cocaine

Chapter 15: Alternatives to Prison

The Need for Alternatives
Revoking Probation
Community Service
Community Corrections

Chapter 16: Prisons Today

Prison in America
Prison Revolts
Staying Out of Prison

Chapter 17: Capital Punishment

History of the Death Penalty
Public Opinion on the Death Penalty
Recent Developments

Unit 5: Juvenile Justice

Chapter 18: From Criminal to Delinquent

Children and the Law: A History
From Criminal to Delinquent
Different Worlds: The Two Systems

Chapter 19: The Problem of Delinquency

What Is Delinquency?
A Tour of the System
Initial Detention of Juveniles

Chapter 20: Children and the Constitution

The Rights of Juveniles
School Searches

Chapter 21: Juvenile Corrections

Options for Placing Juveniles Offenders
Problems With Locking Up Juveniles
At Home Plus
The Question of Waiver
Simmons and the Death Penalty
Roper v. Simmons (2005)
Current Trends and Controversies

Unit 6: Solutions

Chapter 22: The Causes of Crime

Theories and Approaches
Social and Cultural Factors
Individual and Situational Factors

Chapter 23: Crime and the Government

The Role of Government
Crime and the Federal Government
Federal Policy: The Patriot Act
Federal Policy: Gun Control
An Attack on Crime: The State Level
New Role of State Supreme Courts
The Color of Justice

Chapter 24: Crime and the Citizen

Getting Involved in Fighting Crime
Vigilantes in American History
Crime in Schools
Burglary Prevention
A Conclusion on Crime



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