Chapter 18: From Criminal to Delinquent

Chapter 18: From Criminal to Delinquent

Children and the Law: A History

The Development of the Juvenile Justice System An excerpt from Juvenile Justice: A Century of Change. (OJJDP)
The Greatest Reform School in the World: A Guide to the Records of the New York House of Refuge A history and documents relating to New York’s House of Refuge. (New York State Archives)

From the Criminal to Delinquent

The History and Development of Juvenile Justice Slides outlining the development of the juvenile justice system.
Child or Adult? A Century Long View (PBS Frontline)

Different Worlds: The Two Systems

Comparing the Two Systems From Juvenile Justice: A Century of Change. (OJJDP)
Collateral Consequences of Juvenile Proceedings Part 1 Part 2 A two-part series on the new consequences of being processed through the juvenile system. (American Bar Association)
Encyclopedia of Everyday Law: Juveniles



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