Chapter 15: Alternatives to Prison

Chapter 15: Alternatives to Prison

The Need for Alternatives


Tate v. Short (1971) U.S. Supreme Court case establishing that it is a denial of equal protection to limit punishment to payment of a fine for those who are able to pay it, but to convert the fine to imprisonment for those who are unable to pay it.
How to Use Structured Fines (Day Fines) as an Intermediate Sanction (PDF file) Guidelines for policymakers and criminal justice practitioners considering using structured fines as part of their overall sentencing system. (U.S. Department of Justice Assistance)


“Broken Windows” Probation: The Next Step in Fighting Crime A report on its ideas for fixing the probation system. (Manhattan Institute)
Probation and Parole Statistics Statistics and links to publications about probation and parole. (Bureau of Justice Statistics)
NCJRS: Parole and Probation Publications and links from the federal government. (National Criminal Justice Reference Service)

Revoking Probation

Court Hearing on Probation Revocation Maine statutes on probation revocation.
Defendant’s Rights at Probation Revocation Hearing A form that defendant’s in Bates County, Missouri, must sign advising them of their rights at a probation revocation hearing.

Community Service

Community Service Restitution A volunteer center providing several Texas counties with referrals for community service.
Court Referral Program Homepage of a program in Bakersfield, California.

Community Corrections

Vera Institute An organization that provides alternatives to incarceration in New York City.
Minnesota Association of Community Corrections Act Counties The association of counties that operate corrections programming under the Minnesota Community Corrections Act.



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