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website_capCivic Action Project (CAP) 
CAP gets students to explore public policy beyond the four walls of the classroom. CAP integrates hands-on learning about public policy into standards-based content in government classes. The site allows students to post projects and interact with peers and teachers. Teachers can download the curriculum, post materials and feedback, and assess their students’ progress.

website_immigration_2013Educating About Immigration
Educating About Immigration helps teachers and students address issues of immigration productively and critically. It is a one-stop informational and interactive clearinghouse on topics of U.S. immigration. It is primarily intended as a source for curriculum, but the general public is also invited to use it to learn more about immigration, its history, and current controversies. The site was initially funded by the Weingart Foundation.

cops-and-kids-homeCops & Kids: Working Together for Peace on the Streets  
This program, created 25 years ago in response to LA’s civil unrest, is a collaborative effort between CRF and the LAPD. The program has proven effective in increasing student knowledge about law enforcement and due process rights and in improving police attitudes towards young people and young peoples’ attitudes toward police.

ca3rsprojecCalifornia Three Rs Project
The California Three Rs Project (CA3Rs) is a program for finding common ground on issues related to religious liberty and the First Amendment in public schools. The California Three Rs Project co-sponsored by Constitutional Rights Foundation, California County Superintendents Educational Services Association, and the Religious Freedom Education Project at Newseum.


Project LEAD
An effective law-related education program established by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office in partnership with Constitutional Rights Foundation. Its goal is simple: To teach children that the choices they make today can affect their lives forever. The 20-week curriculum focuses on the legal and social consequences of juvenile crimes, such as truancy, illicit drug use, shoplifting and graffiti. Since its inception in 1993, Project LEAD has touched the lives of tens of thousands of students. It also has been replicated in several states and foreign countries.

web_judgescourtsJudges, Courts, and the Law
Judges, Courts, and the Law is a joint effort of CRF and the Judicial Branch of California. Featuring stories, games, and other activities, the site helps students better understand the role that courts play in our democracy.

web_eipEducating About Intellectual Property 
Educating About Intellectual Property seeks to educate young people about the role and importance of intellectual property in our society and about the laws and policies in place to protect both the property and the citizens who use it. This project is a collaborative effort of Street Law, Inc. and CRF and is funded by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and supported by the U.S. Department of Justice.

web_cmsEducating for Democracy, California Campaign for Civic Mission of Schools  
Educating for Democracy, California Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools is an effort sponsored by the California Coalition for Civic Renewal, a group of concerned California individuals and organizations seeking to enlist support of education, business, law, veterans, labor, parents, and service groups around the state to promote civic education in California.

website_celebrate_americaCelebrate America 
Celebrate America is designed to give families and classrooms meaningful content and activities for celebrating America’s civic holidays.

website_crf_blogCRF Blog
With entries published every weekday, CRF Blog features information, discussion, and links useful to K–12 educators in civics, law, history, economics, and other social studies. It also has occasional announcements about CRF events, programs, and publications.

web_did.jpgDeliberating in a Democracy (DID) 
DID is a major six-year international initiative designed to improve student understanding of democratic principles and the skills of civic deliberation. It is a joint effort of CRF, Constitutional Rights Foundation Chicago, and Street Law, Inc.

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