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Ancient Egypt: Math

An Overview of Egyptian Mathematics Complete text of the article reproduced in the teacher's guide.

Egyptian Numerals Another article on Egyptian math by J. J. O'Connor and E. F. Robertson.

Ancient Egypt: Science

The Inundation or Tour Egypt Feature: The Inundation By Caroline Seawright. The story of the annual flood of the Nile. (This article is in the teacher's guide.)

The Aswan High Dam Basic facts and the pros and cons of the dam. Suitable reading for middle school. By Susan Shears, Platts Heath Primary School, Maidstone, U.K.

Aswan Dam From an engineering class at University of Colorado at Denver.

Building of the First Aswan Dam and the Inundation of Lower Nubia A short explanation and a series of photographs. From Kelsey Museum, University of Michigan.

Safeguard of the Nile Valley Monuments The Aswan Dam covered some ancient sites with water. The article tells how the problem was addressed. From the World Bank.

Geography and Agriculture From an exhibit on ancient Egypt by Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Geographic Features of Ancient Egypt A click-on map showing various features of the Egyptian landscape. From an extensive site on ancient Egypt by the British Museum.

Space Shuttle images of the Nile flooding From NASA.

Ancient China: Math

Overview of Chinese Mathematics Complete text of the article reproduced in the teacher's guide.

Yang Hui Complete text of the article reproduced in the teacher's guide.

Magic Squares Many links to articles and lessons on magic squares. From the Math Forum.

Magic Square A more technical article on magic squares. From Wolfram Research, Inc.

Ancient China: Science

Space Radar Views Ancient Chinese Climate, Quake Faults A press release from Jet Propulsion Laboratory. (This text is reproduced in the teacher's guide.)

China: A Country of Many Earthquakes Many articles on earthquakes in China from the Museum of Earthquakes.

Prehistory of Earthquake Instruments Tells of the first attempts to measure earthquakes. From HEAT (Historical Earthquake Theories) at the University of Vienna.

Ancient Seismometer Describes and has pictures of the first seismometer, invented in China in A.D. 137. From the Chinese Historical and Cultural Project.

Strange Seismometers From ancient Chinese devices to boulders. From

Ancient Greece: Math

Doubling the Cube Complete text of the article reproduced in the teacher's guide.

Three Problems of Antiquity Mathematical proofs.

"Impossible" Geometric Constructions Links to discussions and proofs. From Ask Dr. Math.

Duplication of the Cube History of the problem by Francois Rivest and Stephane Zafirov.

Ancient Greece: Science

Thera Clear explanation of the event on Santorini. By anthropology students at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Santorini From Wikipedia.

Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean Text and lessons. From Dartmouth College.

Akrotiri: An Aegean Bronze Age City From the book Archaeology and Volcanism by Stephen L. Harris, California State University, Sacramento.

Ancient Rome: Math

Censor Article on the Roman magistrates responsible for, among other things, taking a census.

By Jona Lendering. (This article is reproduced in the teacher's guide.)

Censor A more academic article on the censor. From an unsigned article on pp. 260-266 of

A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities by William Smith, D.C.L., LL.D., John Murray, London, 1875.

The Census Part of an article title "Roman Society, Roman Life" from the Illustrated History of the Roman Empire.

Population of Ancient Rome The opening paragraphs of an article in Antiquity, vol. 71 (1997), 966-78.

Roman Census Figures Census figures from before 508 B.C. to A.D. 47. A note warns: "All the figures given are problematical, in various ways. First, there is the problem of the correct transmission of numbers in the manuscripts. Second, there is the issue of who precisely are being counted in each census. Third, there is the question as to whether complete census returns were ever made. Most authorities find it difficult to believe that statistics prior to 340 B.C. are anything but fictitious."

Ancient Rome: Science

Roman Aqueducts and Water Systems A long introduction and links to descriptions of parts of the system. By Jason Moyer, class of '97, Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine.

Roman Aqueducts Text, pictures, and a diagram. From InfoRoma.

Roman Aqueduct: Web Links Huge collection of links, part of Roman Sites. Great site! By Bill Thayer.

Sextus Julius Frontinus: The Aqueducts of Rome The complete text. From Bill Thayer.