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Ancient Rome

CityYouth: Ancient History, Ancient Rome

General | Rome: Republic to Empire | Augustus: The Leader | Jews and Christians in the Empire


Rome A comprehensive history of ancient Rome. To get started, click on "Contents." From Richard Hooker.

Lectures from the History Guide:

Early Roman Civilization, 753-509 BC

Republican Rome, 509-31 BC

Augustus Caesar and the Pax Romana

A Brief Social History of the Roman Empire

The Decline and Fall of Rome

Christianity as a Cultural Revolution

Ancient Rome Information on Roman eras and rulers. From Rome Unleashed.

Ancient Rome Information on ancient Roman daily life and art, along with pictures and maps. From Eric Rymer.

Ancient Rome Links to ancient Roman art, life, leaders, and artifacts. From Joe Shetler.

Ancient Rome A great collection of links on ancient Rome. From Bill Thayer.

Ancient Rome From Chrysalinks.

Rome Primary sources from the Internet Ancient History Sourcebook.

Ancient Rome Classroom Resources Lessons on ancient Rome. From PBS.

Ancient Rome Large collection of links to great sites. From Best of History Websites.

Rome: Republic to Empire

Roman History Short chapters on Roman history beginning with the founding of Rome and ending with Caesar's death. From Lena Dalkeith.

Founding of Rome The ancient myth on the founding of Rome.

Legend of Romulus and Remus A simplified version of the legend of the founding of Rome. From The Reticulum Project.

Roman Dictator An explanation of the office and a list of all the dictators in the republic. From Wikipedia.

Cincinnatus Story of the man made dictator twice and returned home to his farm. From Kentucky Educational Television.

Cincinnatus From Wikipedia.

Lucius Cornelius Sulla A biography of the famous Roman general, 138-78 BC. From Suzanne Cross.

Sulla A biography of Sulla written by Plutarch. From Daniel C. Stevenson.

Roman Dictatorships An essay on the development of the Roman idea of dictatorship with information on Roman dictators. From Wikipedia.

Roman Dictatorship A lesson for 3rd and 4th grades called "Dictator for a Day." From Discovery.com.

Roman History A history of the Roman republics and the subsequent evolution of dictatorships. From Dr. Harold Damerow.

Spartacus Historical background of Spartacus. From Barbara McManus.

Spartacus Information on Spartacus and the decline of slavery. From Frank Smitha

Spartacus From International History Project.

Spatacus Links from Open Directory Project.

Julius Caesar Information about Julius Caesar's life, death, and Antony's eulogy. From KET.

Julius Caesar Detailed information on Caesar's life from his youth to his death. From Michael Akinde.

Julius Caesar A biography of Caesar and Rome, detailing Caesar's life and his battles from 100-44 B.C. From Suzanne Cross.

Julius Caesar Information on Caesar including his family, personality, and world outlook. From Vitalog.

Julius Caesar Crosses the Rubicon, 49 BC An account written by Roman historian Suetonius. From EyeWitness to History.

Assassination of Julius Caesar, 44 BC Nicolaus of Damascus wrote this account of the murder of Caesar a few years after the event. From EyeWitness to History.

Augustus: The Leader

Augustus A history of Augustus' life and his political legacy. From Garrett Fagan.

Augustus A history of Augustus written by Seutonius. From John Woggon.

More Biographies of Augustus:

Augustus From Wikipedia.

Augustus From Catholic Encyclopedia.

Augustus From Illustrated History of the Roman Empire.

Augustus From Michael Cheilik.

Augustus From LucidCafe.

The Age of Augustus By Richard Hooker.

Augustus Links from Open Directory Project.

Augustus Links from Google Directory.

Augustus Links from Yahoo Directory.

Caesar Augustus: An Annotated Guide to Online Resources From Virgil.org.

Cicero Cicero's quotations on many subjects. From Michael Moncur.

Cicero His biography written by Plutarch in A.D. 75.

Cicero Describes Cicero's philosophy and his suggestions for successful oratory. From Maria Rinaldi.

Cicero A biography of Cicero and his major works. From Wikipedia.

More biographies of Cicero:

Cicero From Columbia Encyclopedia.

Cicero From Malaspina Great Books.

Cicero From Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Cicero By Richard Hooker.

Marcus Tullius Cicero Links to many sources. By Joseph J. Hughes.

Marcus Tullius Cicero By William Harris, Emeritus, Middlebury College.

Cicero Links from Google Directory.

Cicero Links from Open Directory Project.

Cicero Links from Yahoo Directory.

Philosophy Resources on the Internet: Cicero Links to many, many resources on Cicero. From EpistemeLinks.com.

Roman government Details the composition and structure of the Roman government.

Roman Government A description of the structure of Roman government. From Barbara McManus.

Ancient Civilizations Links to lessons on ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and ancient Rome. From Steven Kreis.

Find information on the following leaders from other civilizations:




Lao Zi




Jews and Christians in the Empire

Jews in the Roman Empire A brief description of the persecution of the Jews in Rome and the destruction of the temple. From PBS.

Jews in Rome A history of the treatment of the Jews in Rome for the first 70 years A.D.

Jews in the Roman Empire History of the persecution of the Jews. From American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise.

Jews A history of Jews in the Roman Empire for younger age groups. From History for Kids.

Christians in the Roman Empire A history of the treatment of Christians under the Roman Empire.

Nero Persecutes the Christians Roman historian Tacitus tells the story. From EyeWitness to History.

Christians A discussion on the persecution of the Christians. From BBC History.

Persecution of Christians A description of Nero's persecution of the Christians. From Ken Anderson.

Greek and Roman Gods A chart describing the Greek and Roman gods who shared the same stories but different names. From MIStupid.com

Roman Gods Information on Roman gods and the emergence of new religions in ancient Rome.

Roman Gods A chart of Roman gods, their personifications, and their images.

Roman Emperors A time line of the Roman emperors with links for more information on each one. From De Imperatoribvs Romanis.