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Egypt: A Learning Module A comprehensive history of ancient Egypt. To get started, click on "Contents." From Richard Hooker.

Egyptian Civilization A lecture. From the History Guide.

Guardian's Egypt A full history of ancient Egypt including time lines and descriptions of life in ancient Egypt. Also includes links to Egyptian mythology, royalty, and pyramids. From Andrew Bayuk.

BBC History--Ancient Egypt Articles on many aspects of ancient Egypt and links to the Egyptian collection in the British museum. From BBC.

Ancient Egypt A brief article surveying the history. From Encyclopaedia of the Orient.

Ancient Egyptian Picture Gallery From Eric Rymer.

Ancient Egyptian Names An interesting essay on the Egyptian language and the importance of names in ancient Egypt, illustrated with hieroglyphics.

Ancient Egypt From Chrysalinks.

Egypt Primary sources from the Internet Ancient History Sourcebook.

Ancient Egypt Large collection of links to great sites. From Best of History Websites.

A City on the Nile

Thebes Information on the ancient city. From Tour Egypt.

Ancient Egyptian Festivals An article detailing three ancient Egyptian festivals and the rituals that the people celebrated. From Tour Egypt.

Egyptian Laws and Legal Systems Characteristics of the laws and legal systems that were enforced in ancient Egypt. From Tour Egypt.

Egyptian Mythology An A-Z listing and description of Egyptian gods, goddesses, and myths. From Probert Encyclopedia.

Gods, Heroes, and Myths Ancient myths and information on the gods and goddesses of Egypt, Greece, and Rome. From Nikki Burke.

Promise and Problems of the Nile

The Nile An article about the importance of the Nile to ancient Egypt.

The Nile River A short lesson about the Nile in ancient Egypt. From Social Studies for Kids.

Ancient Egypt: The Nile An article about the importance of the Nile. From Janet Wood.

God and King

Herodotus of Halicarnassus Dedicated to the famous Greek historian, this site contains texts written by Herodotus and scholarly articles discussing his writings. From Tim Spalding.

Ancient History Sourcebook A myriad of primary sources about ancient Egypt. Information about each kingdom as well as literature, music, math, gender, religion, and art. From Internet History Sourcebooks Project.

Egyptian Weights and Measures An interesting article describing ancient Egyptians' use of weights and measures. From Tour Egypt.

Biographies of Hatshepsut

Hatshepsut: Female Pharoah The story of Hatshepsut's life and reign. From David Bediz.

Hatshepsut Information on Hatshepsut's reign, children, and expedition to Punt. From Tour Egypt.

Pharoah Hatshepsut From Tjia Cook.

Hatshepsut From Caroline Seawright

Hatshepsut From

Hatshepsut From North Park University, Chicago, History Department.

Biographies of Ramses:

Rames II The reign of Ramses II. From Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Ramsesses II: An Anatomy of a Pharoah The first of a series of articles on Ramsesses the Great. From Tour Egypt.

Ramses the Great From Susan Cottman.

Ramses the Great From Harcourt School Publishers.

Ramses II From Fruit of the Nile.

King Tut's Tomb Details of the excavation of King Tut's tomb, along with a virtual tour of the tomb and pictures of the excavation. From Indian Ringneck Parokeet.

King Tutankhamun The life of King Tutankhamun. From Mark Rigby.

Tomb of King Tut From National Geographic

King Tutankhamun From Ellie Crystal

Akhenaten The reign of Akhenaten and the resulting changes in art and religion. From Tour Egypt.

Akhenaten The reign of Akhenaten, 1350-1334 B.C.

Pharaoh Akhenaten From Ellie Crystal.

Akhenaten From Indian Ringneck Parokeet.

Ancient Egypt: Religion An article on religion and burial rituals in ancient Egypt. From St. Petersburg Times.

Religion of Ancient Egypt From Minnesota State University.

Ancient Egyptian Religion From Aldokkan.

Ancient Egypt: Religion A lecture on Ancient Egyptian mythology and religion. From Robert Dyson.

Ancient Egypt: Government An article on ancient Egyptian government and bureaucracy. From Tour Egypt.

Government An essay on government in ancient Egypt. From Marie.

Ancient Egypt: Government From World Book.