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High School


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High School

High School Lessons, Programs, and Resources for Classroom Use That Meet California History-Social Science Standards
Here is a variety of California standards-based lessons, programs and resources to energize high-school instruction, including
several role-play and simulation activities, mock trials, writing activities, collaborative small-group work, and more.



Looking for a specific California Standard?  Browse our Bill of Rights in Action Archives-Free lessons on Current Events, Economics, Economics, U.S. Government, U.S History, World History


Social Studies


Lessons for Purchase


Social Studies



These CRF programs bring California students in touch with law-related and civic education, 21st century skills, and the principles of constitutional democracy.

Civic Action Project (CAP) is a project-based learning model for civics and government courses, using web-based technology and strengthening 21st century skills.

mtart20121smMock Trial helps high school students acquire a working knowledge of our judicial system, develop analytical abilities and communication skills, and gain an understanding of their obligations and responsibilities as participating members of our society.

Courtroom to Classroom (C2C) brings judge and attorney teams to high school classrooms in Southern California where they engage students in PowerPoint-driven lessons and moot court activities.

Expanding Horizons Internship allows students to intern in many of Los Angeles' most prestigious law firms, corporations, and non-profit organizations.


For more interactive lessons and activities on law-related and civic education, explore our supplemental websites:

web_eipEducating About Intellectual Property seeks to educate young people about the role and importance of intellectual property in our society. Students critically examine the laws and policies in place to protect both property and the citizens who use it. Free interactive and engaging multimedia PowerPoints are available on issues of fair use, patents, copyrights, and trademarks.

web_immigEducating About Immigration helps teachers and students address issues of immigration productively and critically. It is a one-stop informational and interactive clearinghouse on topics of U.S. immigration. It provides free lessons for students to learn more about immigration, its history, and current controversies.

web_judgescourtsJudges, Courts, and the Law is a joint effort of CRF and the Judicial Branch of California. Featuring stories, games, and other activities, the site helps students better understand the role that courts play in our democracy.

Research Links to the best Internet research sites. This is the best place to start your Internet research.

School Violence Links to many resources dealing with school violence.

Terrorism Links to many resources dealing with terrorism.

Area Studies Area and Country Studies Links.

Impeachment A comprehensive list of reliable links on impeachment.