California Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools

cms_image_comp2.jpgEducating for Democracy, the California Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools is an effort sponsored by the California Coalition for Civic Renewal, a group of concerned California individuals and organizations seeking to enlist support of education, business, law, veterans, labor, parents, and service groups around the state to promote civic education in California.

Convened by Constitutional Rights Foundation, a Los Angeles-based, non-profit, non-partisan educational organization, and funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the goal of the coalition is to strengthen civic education in California's public schools consistent with the recommendations in the Civic Mission of Schools report.

Joining Constitutional Rights Foundation in this effort is the Center for Civic Education, which is also a member of the Alliance for Representative Democracy, a national partnership, involving the Congress of the United States, working to strengthen representative democracy in America. The two organizations will be cooperating in all phases of the project, including the creation of the project steering committee and will jointly publicize project activities through their program networks. Constitutional Rights Foundation and the Center for Civic Education have each provided programs and materials and been represented on statewide committees and commissions promoting the civic mission of schools.

For more information, please visit the Campaign's web site.



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