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Appellate Court Experience (ACE)


Appellate Court Experience(ACE) provides students with an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the judicial system through a visitation to the California State Court of Appeal and two classroom sessions. At the visitation, students observe an oral argument of a criminal appeal and afterward meet with the justices. Teachers prepare students for the visitation through a PowerPoint presentation (or reading) on the court system, by discussing the case that students will observe, and by getting students to formulate appropriate questions for the visitation. Following the visitation, teachers hold a culminating classroom session in which students role-play justices and decide the case they observed during the visitation. Teachers will then distribute the court’s opinion in the case and hold a discussion on the case and on what students have learned.

Appellate Court Experience Guide (Doc)

Appellate Court PowerPoint Presentation

Los Angeles and Ventura County Schools

Schools in Los Angeles County and Ventura County
interested in participating in ACE, please  CLICK HERE to be notified of upcoming ACE visits.


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For more information, please contact: Laura Wesley, (213) 316-2128



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