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Terrorism Links
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For additional information on the war in Iraq, see War in Iraq Links.

Lessons and Teacher Resources

America Responds to Terrorism Lessons and resources from Constitutional Rights Foundation.

America Attacks Lesson plans from the New York Times Learning Network.

America Responds: Classroom Resources Lessons from PBS.

Teaching Students About Terrorism and Related Resources From Ask Eric.

Teaching About Terrorism Resources from About.com.

Teaching About Tragedy Resources from National Council for the Social Studies.

September 11th and its Aftermath Materials designed to foster critical thinking and learning from C-SPAN in the Classroom.

Resources to help teens, parents, and teachers From the American Library Association.

Teacher Resources Lessons and other resources from CNN.

Teaching Resource for High School and College Classrooms From the Social Science Research Council.

Talking to Kids About War and Terrorism Advice from AboutOurKids.org.

War, Terrorism, and Our Schools Resources from Rethinking Schools.

September 11th and After Resources from Teaching Tolerance.

Beyond Blame: Reacting to the Terrorist Attack Lessons from the Educational Development Center.

Suggested Lessons for Teachers From Educators for Social Responsibility.

Lesson From usnewsclassroom.com

A Day Of National Tragedy: Response Curriculum From the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland.

9-11 as History Lessons from Families and Work Institute and Bank One.

Lessons From September 11 A webquest on the question: How can the United States exercise its military power and economic/technological might responsibly? Students must research a subject on the web with this question in mind and compose an e-mail to the editor of the Chicago Tribune.

School & Community Safety Teaching Resources Lessons from the National Education Association.

September 11: Lessons and Resources for Classroom Teachers Links to lessons. From Education World.

Terrorism: What Every Teacher Should Know Lessons (including several from Constitutional Rights Foundation) on the web site of the American Forum for Global Education.

The Attacks on September 11

Timeline of the Day

September 11 Digital Archive A project that collects, preserves, and presents the history of the September 11, 2001 attack in New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania and the public responses to them.

Front Page Stories of 9/11 The front pages of more than 120 U.S. and international papers. From Newseum.

Maps of places attacked Maps and aerial photographs from Maps.com.

The Day Everything Changed From the Indianapolis Star.


Television Archive An archive of television news broadcasts from around the world following the terrorist attacks on America.

World Trade Center Tenants

World Trade Centre—New York—Some Engineering Aspects Information on the towers and ideas about why they collapsed. From the University of Sydney.

Why the Towers Fell From PBS's NOVA.

Victims of the Attacks

Viewing the Lost From Newsday.
Portraits of Grief From the New York Times.
The Army of One Remembers . . . From the U.S. Army.

Flight 93: Forty Lives, One Destiny Story of the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania. From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.


Two Maps of Countries Suffering Casualties in the Attack: One Two

Personal Stories of September 11

Brother, if you don't mind Story of a Pakistani who worked in the World Trade Center.

Adam Oestreich Story of a Merrill Lynch employee at the World Trade Center.

The Price We Pay An e-mail message from a survivor of the attacks on the World Trade Center.



Missing Pieces Stories from New Yorkers.

WTC: Sept. 11, 2001 Story of John Labriola.

Sonic Memorial Project Stories from September 11 and the area around ground zero in New York. Collected by NPR.

September 11th photos and eyewitness accounts of the WTC and Pentagon bombings Links from Kottke.org.

Rumors and Urban Legends About the Terrorist Attacks

Rumors of War A collection of links to pages discussing the various rumors to come out of the September 11 terrorist attack.

Attack on America Stories examined by Truth or Fiction.

The Bunk Stops Here Links to sites debunking rumors and urban legends surrounding the attacks. From Purportal.com.

Rumor Watch: Terrorist Attacks on U.S. From About.com

The Oklahoma City Bombing

Oklahoma City Bombing Trials Coverage of the trials of Nichols and McVeigh and the bombing, information about the major players, and links from CNN.

After Oklahoma City A special report from PBS's Online NewsHour.

Special Report: Timothy McVeigh From the Guardian.

Oklahoma Bombing Chronology From the Washington Post.

Modern Terrorism Resources

Recent Terrorism Events: Background and Context A large collection of articles on press coverage of the attack, religion and religious concepts, regional politics and society, terrorism and counterterrorism, and U.S. intelligence. From CQ Press.

ERRI Counter-Terrorism Archive Foreign and domestic terrorism reports and analyses.

Terrorist Incidents 1945 to 1998 From Centre for Defence and International Security Issues.

Terrorist Attacks and Organizations From the Washington Post.

Chronologies of Significant Terrorist Incidents From the U.S. military.

Terrorist Group Profiles From the U.S. military.

Suicide terrorism: a global threat An October 2000 article from Jane's Intelligence Review.

Backgrounder: Terrorism From FEMA.

How Do Terrorist "Cells" Work? "Explainer" from Slate magazine.

Uncloaking Terrorist Networks By Valdis E. Krebs.

Diary of a Terrorist Prison diary of terrorist convicted of murdering Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. From Harpers magazine.

History of Terrorism An interview with David C. Rapoport, professor emeritus at UCLA and editor of the academic journal Terrorism and Political Violence.

E-Terrorism: Have Digital Myths Diverted Attention From True Threats? From CNET.


Bioterrorism From the Centers for Disease Control.

Anthrax FAQ from the Centers for Disease Control.

The Anthrax Cases Evidence of the cases analyzed by Ed Lake.

Smallpox Articles and links from the Centers for Disease Control.

Smallpox From the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Smallpox: Inoculation, Vaccination, Eradication A history of the disease from the Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library at UCLA.

Smallpox and Smallpox Vaccination Articles from the New England Journal of Medicine.

Bioterrorism: Understanding & Responding to the Threat From PBS's Online NewsHour.

Sizing up the bio threat A report from MSNBC.

Biological and Chemical Weapons From MedlinePlus.

Biological Weapons News From NewsTrove.com

Center for the Study of Bioterrorism and Emerging Infections

Center for Civilian Biodefense Studies From Johns Hopkins University.

Nuclear Threats

Nuclear Shadow A four-part special report from the Boston Globe.

Nuclear Terrorism—How to Prevent It Wide range of links. From the Nuclear Control Institute.

Combatting Nuclear Terrorism From the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Nuclear Terrorism Links to articles. From the Institute for Science and International Security.

Managing the Atom: Nuclear Terrorism Links to articles on the use of nuclear explosives, attacks on nuclear power plants, and the use of dirty bombs. From the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs.

Nuclear Terrorism: Sabotage and Terrorism of Nuclear Power Plants Some scary scenarios from Three Mile Island Alert, a group that focuses on the problems of nuclear power.

Nuclear Terrorism Links from the Open Directory Project.

Information on the Middle East

The Middle East Resources and links from the Department of History, SUNY-Albany.

Middle East and North Africa Information from the U.S. Department of State.

Middle East Facts about countries in the region.

Center for Middle Eastern Studies University of Texas, Austin.

Middle East-related Web Sites From the Middle East Institute.

Al-bab.com Middle East news, country guides, background, and links.

Arab Human Development Report 2002 A U.N. report on the causes and effects of poverty in the Arab world. The Economist has a summary of the report.

Links to Middle East Government and Political Sites From Keele University, U.K.

100 Questions and Answers About Arab Americans: A Journalist's Guide From the Detroit Free Press.

Israel-Palestine Conflict

Palestinian-Israeli Crossfire Opinions from Israelis and Palestinians on issues of concern. From BitterLemons.org.

Battle for the Holy Land From PBS's Frontline.

Israel/Palestine Relations and the Mideast Peace Process Links from Columbia University Libraries.

Israel Palestine Center for Research and Information A joint Israeli and Palestinian think tank devoted to finding practical solutions to the conflict.

Middle East Review of International Affairs Current and back issues available free online.

PEACE Middle East Dialog Group

Political Web Sites From the Entire Spectrum of Israeli and Zionist Spectrum of Opinion & Resources

The Israeli Side of the Israel/Palestine Conflict

Middle East Research and Information Project An organization based in Washington, D.C.

Palestine, Israel, and the Arab-Israeli Conflict: A Primer


Israel and Palestine: A Brief History

Israel-Palestine Links from the Google Directory.

Israel-Palestine Links from the Open Directory Project.

Israel—A Country Study From the Library of Congress.


Pakistan—A Country Study http://lcweb2.loc.gov/frd/cs/pktoc.html From the Library of Congress.

Country Information: Pakistan From the U.S. State Department.

Pakistan Virtual Library Links.

Pakistan-India Conflict

Nuclear Issues in India and Pakistan: Selected Internet Resources From the U.C. Berkeley Library.

India and Pakistan: 50 Years of Independence A special report from CNN.

India-Pakistan Tension Collection of links from the South Asian Journalists Association.

India, Pakistan, and the Bomb Article from Scientific American.


Background on Afghanistan

CIA World Factbook on Afghanistan

Afghanistan: A Country Study From the Library of Congress.

Academic Info: Afghanistan

Afghanistan—Introduction Good short introduction.

Afghanpedia Articles on Afghanistan.

Political Resources on the Net—Afghanistan Links to many sources.

Afghanistan Maps From the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection.

Regional Area Maps Many different maps of Afghanistan.

An Afghan-American speaks "You can't bomb us back into the Stone Age. We're already there. But you can start a new world war, and that's exactly what Osama bin Laden wants."

The lesson of history: Afghanistan always beats its invaders From the Independent.

Blundering Into Afghanistan Another history of Afghanistan defeating invaders. From Slate.

Limbs of no body: World's indifference to the Afghan tragedy A June 2001 article in The Iranian.

Letter from Afghanistan From the New Yorker.

Lemar-Aaftab Afghan Magazine A magazine that promotes and brings "awareness to the arts, culture, and history of the Afghan people and through the humanities build a bridge between the West and Afghanistan."

Analysis: Who Are the Taleban? From the BBC.

Institute for Afghan Studies Information on current topics in Afghanistan. Also has a report on the Taliban.

Before Taliban A book on Afghanistan published online by the University of California Press.

Afghan Info Center

Afghan News Network Updated news related to Afghanistan from reliable worldwide sources.

e-Ariana A weblog of news on Afghanistan.

Afghan Magazine A magazine that emphasizes "the arts, literature, music, history, culture, plight and the life of the Afghan people."

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan An organization of Afghan women fighting for human rights and social justice.

Afghanistan: Land in Crisis From National Geographic Magazine.

Afghan Links From Kabulonline.com

Afghanistan and the U.S.: Selected Internet Resources From the U.C. Berkeley Library.

Afghanistan Resources By Professor Frederick W. Kagan, U.S. Military Academy, Westpoint.


Osama bin Laden

Osama Bin Laden Links to articles in Salon on bin Laden.

Greetings, America. My Name is Osama bin Laden A February 1999 article from Esquire magazine.

Hunting bin Laden From PBS's Frontline.

The Real bin Laden From The New Yorker.

Bin Laden, millionaire with a dangerous grudge From CNN.

My encounters with Osama bin Laden From the Christian Science Monitor.

FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitive

Yahoo! Full Coverage: Osama bin Laden

Al Qaeda

In Search of Al Qaeda From PBS's Frontline.

Special Report: Al-Qaida News coverage and background. From the Guardian Unlimited.

Al Qaeda Training Manual Selections from a manual found in a police search of an Al Qaeda member's home in London.


Focus On Iraq

A Brief Chronology of the History of Iraq

Iraq History The complete history-from ancient to modern times.

Conflict: Iraq and the United States Links to dozens of research sites about Iraq. From the Journalist's Toolbox.

Iraq War Debate Incredible collection of links from the University of Michigan Documents Center.

The War on Terrorism: Saddam Hussein and Iraq Another huge link collection from the Joyner Library, East Carolina University.

Iraq-U.S./U.K Conflict Background from the History Guy.

Intervention in Iraq? The U.S. debates whether to oust Saddam Hussein This PBS site includes reports, interviews, and debates on the subject.

Iraq Update  U.S. Department of State perspectives on Iraq and links to web sites about Iraq, media coverage, press articles, and a photo gallery.

Target Iraq Information and links on the debate over Iraq. From GlobalSecurity.com.

Iraq Journal A collection of links from international journalists and activists who oppose the war in Iraq.

Crisis in Iraq News, analysis, and multimedia resources from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Iraq Watch A web site devoted to monitoring Iraq's progress in developing weapons of mass destruction.

Iraq: Related Readings Background and articles from the Council on Foreign Relations.

Gunning for Saddam: Should Saddam Hussein Be America's Next Target in the War on Terrorism? From PBS's Frontline.

U.N. Resolution on Iraq Text of resolution, statement of Russia, China, and France; and text of earlier U.S. draft resolution. From al-bab.com.

U.N. Monitoring, Inspection, and Verification Commission The U.N. entity charged with disarming Iraq.

Specific Conflicts: Iraq Links from the Open Directory Project.


Country Profile: North Korea From the BBC.

North Korea: A Country Study From the Library of Congress.

Korea, North From the CIA World Factbook.

Koreascope Information and news on North and South Korea.

Virtual Library of North and South Korea Large collection of links.

DPRK—North Korea Collection of links by Tim Beals, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

Google Web Directory: North Korea

Maps and Geography

CIA World Factbook Maps and information on every country in the world.

Asia Maps Maps of all the countries in Asia from the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection.

Quick Maps Maps of all countries and regions.

U.N. Cartographic Section Hundreds of maps of all parts of the world.

Information on Islam

Islam, Islamic Studies, Arabic, and Religion By Dr. Alan Godlas, professor of religion at the University of Georgia.

What the Islamic scriptures really say about jihad and violence From Beliefnet.com.

Scholars of Islam & the Tragedy of Sept. 11th Statements of 50 Islamic scholars in the United States and Canada.

Al-Islam Information on Islam.

About Islam and Muslims Extensive information.

IslamiCity.com Information on Islam.

Islam: A Glossary From Slate.

Information Resources for Islamic, Middle Eastern and Near Eastern Studies From the University of California, Santa Barbara.


Support stuns restaurant's Afghan owners A San Francisco Chronicle article on the community support the Afghan-American owners of a restaurant have received.

Tolerance in Islam A 1927 lecture by a Muslim scholar on how tolerance is an essential trait of Islam.

Council on American-Islamic Relations

American Arab Anti Discrimination Committee

Backlash & Hate Crimes Links to stories of hate crimes against Arabs and Muslims and of positive acceptance of these groups. From South Asian Journalists Association.

Broadcast Media


The Iraq War From the Online NewsHour.
The Long Road to War Drawing on 12 years of reporting on Iraq by Frontline.
Intervention in Iraq?Online NewsHour with reports, interviews, and debates.
NOW with Bill Moyers: Focus on Iraq
America Responds

ABC News

America Under Attack
Showdown With Iraq

BBC News

War on Terror
Conflict With Iraq
America's Day of Terror
Middle East

CBS News

America Fights Back


U.S. Under Attack
U.S. Striking Back



War Against Terror
Mideast: Land of Conflict
Afghanistan: War and Transition


September 11: U.S. Response
U.S. Policy Toward Iraq
Homeland Security Department


Fox News

War on Terror


America at War
In Depth Features
Crisis in Korea


America Transformed
Mideast Coverage
Confronting Iraq
Questioning War


Israeli Radio and Television

Radio Free Europe Services


U.S. Newspapers

New York Times

A Nation Challenged
Targeting Terror

Washington Post

War on Terror
War and Peace in the Middle East
Middle East
War in Iraq

Chicago Tribune

Christian Science Monitor

A Changed World: Combating Terrorism
Middle East

Los Angeles Times

Dallas Morning News

War on Terrorism


International English-Language Newspapers


Times on Line

War on Terror
Middle East


Terrorism Crisis
Attack on America
Weblog Special: Iraq
Weblog Special: The War Debate
The Anti-War Movement
North and South Korea


War on Terrorism


Sydney Morning Herald


National Post & Canadian Press

War on Terrorism
Target: Iraq

Globe and Mail

Iraq Backgrounder



Irish Times


Afgha News from various sources.
Afghan Daily


Middle East Times
Cairo Times
Al-Ahram Weekly


The Frontier Post
The News International
Friday Times
Daily Times



The Indian Express
The Times of India
The Hindustan Times
The Hindu
The Statesman
The Tribune
More Indian Newspapers


The Times of Central Asia


Jerusalem Post
Israel Insider
Jerusalem Report
IndyMedia Israel

Palestinian Authority

Palestinian News Agency
Electronic Intifada
IndyMedia Palestine
Palestine Chronicle


Syria Times

United Arab Emirates

Khaleej Times
Gulf News


Gulf Daily News
Bahrain Tribune


Daily Star


Jordan Times
The Star


Iran Daily
Iran News
Tehran Times
Islamic Republic News Agency


Iraqi News Agency


Kuwait Times


Korean Central News Agency (North)
Korea Herald (South)
Korea Times (South)


Moscow Times
Russia Post
St. Petersburg Times

Other International English-Language Newspapers

International English-Language Papers

Newspapers—U.S. and Worldwide


iviews.com An interactive publication that focuses upon providing reporting, analysis, and commentary on issues and events of importance to Muslims.

Jane's Information on defense and military matters.

Middle East

Atlantic Monthly

War on Terrorism
Hotline World Extra
Iraq Reconsidered
Should the U.S. intervene in Iraq? Articles from 1958 to the present offer a variety of perspectives.


Weekly Review A review of the events of the past week.

New Yorker

Terrorist Attacks and Aftermath

New Republic

War on Terrorism
Iraq Watch


The Politics of Rage: Why Do They Hate Us?
The Arrogant Empire


The war on terrorism



War on Terror



US News and World Report

War on Terrorism
Conflict in the Middle East
Understanding Islam


War on Terrorism
No War With Iraq
Terrorism Targeting the U.S.
Middle East


Resources on 9/11 and the War in Afghanistan
9/11 One Year After

The American Prospect

Aftermath of Terror
War on Iraq

Z Magazine

Iraq Watch
Mideast Watch

National Review

At War


The War on Terror

World Press Review Stories from the international press.

After September 11
Middle East

New Scientist

September 11 Attacks

Crypto-Gram: Special issue on the September 11 terrorist attacks and their aftermath Good articles on the attacks, airline security regulations, biometrics in airports, diagnosing intelligence failures, regulating cryptography, terrorists and steganography, and protecting privacy and liberty.

Other News Sources

Today's Front Pages Hundreds of front pages from many countries presented alphabetically.

Iraq War Wire From EIN News.

World News Network Links to stories from around the world.

North Korea

TerrorismDigest.com A roundup of the latest terrorism news and reports.

Attack on America in Context Free resources from LexisNexis.

Arabic News.com News about the Middle East from different sources.

Middle East Media Research Institute Articles translated into English from all the media in the Middle East.

Yahoo News Full Coverage:

Terrorism and 9/11
Civil Liberties
Racial Profiling
Arab & Muslim Americans
World Trade Center
Saudi Arabia
Mideast Conflict
Bin Laden & al-Qaeda
Biological and Chemical Weapons

International Governments

United Nations



Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Iraqi Presidency

Permanent Mission of Iraq to the United Nations

Iraq Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Iraqi National Congress Coalition of opposition groups in Iraq.

Political Sites for Afghanistan From Afghana.com.

Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Israel Government Gateway

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Palestinian National Authority

Saudi Arabi Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Number 10 Downing St. British Prime Minister.

United Arab Emirates

Foreign Governments: Middle East and North Africa From the Documents Center at the University of Michigan.

Official Indian Government sites

Other governments on the Web

U.S. Government Sites

White House

Saddam Hussein's Iraq

U.S. Department of State

Iraq Update
Foreign Media Reaction

U.S. Department of Defense: Defense Links

News Transcripts

Defend America News from the U.S. Department of Defense on the war on terrorism.

Department of Homeland Security

Ready.gov How to be ready for a terrorist attack


U.S. Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Technology, Terrorism, and Government Information .

Government Reports and Documents

National Security Archive Links to U.S. government documents on terrorism.

U.N. Resolution on Iraq

Reports of the Commission on National Security/21st Century

Countering the Changing Threat of International Terrorism Report from the National Commission on Terrorism.

Documents from the Avalon Project at Yale Law School

Terrorism Documents
September 11, 2001
Middle East

11 September 2001 Report from the British Parliament on reactions to the attacks, on Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda, international legal issues, military options, Pakistan, and other subjects. PDF File.

Responsibility for the terrorist atrocities in the United States Report from the British prime minister's office explaining that "Usama Bin Laden and Al Qaida, the terrorist network which he heads, planned and carried out the atrocities on 11 September 2001. . . ."

The Taliban: Engagement or Confrontation? July 2000 hearing before the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

Patterns of Global Terrorism Department of State Publications. Includes appendix with Background Information on Terrorist Groups.

Foreign Terrorist Organizations A list from the U.S. Department of State.

Foreign Policy

Foreign Affairs

The Terrorist Attack on America
Middle East

Foreign Policy in Focus A collaborative project of the Interhemispheric Resource Center and the Institute for Policy Studies.

Foreign Policy Association

Foreign Policy Studies From Brookings Institute.

American Foreign Policy Council

Anti-War Links From the Urban-Champaign Independent Media Center Library.

Council on Foreign Relations

Terrorism: Questions & Answers
Middle East
Homeland Security
U.S. Policy
Peace and Conflict
Human Rights

Military Strategy

The War on Terrorism From the Strategy Page.

The Counterterrorist Myth In an Atlantic Monthly article a former CIA operative explains why the terrorist Usama bin Ladin has little to fear from American intelligence

Statistical Summary: America's Major Wars Statistics on military participation, casualties, and financial cost.


Terrorism, Law, & Policy Resources developed by Jurist: The Legal Education Network at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.

Special Coverage: War on Terrorism From FindLaw.

U.S. Laws on Terrorism From FindLaw.

BeSpacific Law and technology news.

Civil Liberties
Patriot Act

Options for Prosecuting International Terrorists By David Sheffer, U.S. Institute of Peace.

Criminal Enforcement Against Terrorists A report from the U.S. Customs Service.

Civil Liberties

Law and Order A discussion on civil liberties and the war on terrorism between Professor Erwin Chemerinsky of USC Law School and Professor Eugene Volokh of the UCLA School of Law. From the Hoover Institution.

An Analysis of How the Events of September 11, 2001 May Change Federal Law A long article by David Carney, publisher of the Tech Law Journal.

After the attack: Privacy vs. security Collection of articles from ZDNet News.

The Case for Using Racial Profiling at Airports From Atlantic Monthly.

Round up the usual suspects Salon article arguing that Americans will not tolerate racial profiling.

ID Cards Are de Rigueur Worldwide The pros and cons of a national identity card by Wired.

10 reasons to oppose the proposed national I.D. card From an individual's web site.

National I.D. Card Need Not Curtail Liberty Summary of article in the New York Times by law professor Alan Dershowitz.

The War on the Bill of Rights Article in the Village Voice by Nat Hentoff.

One step nearer a Middle East bloodbath John Keegan sees many civil liberties in danger.

Senator Leahy's speech defending civil liberties

Sacrificing Freedoms in the Name of Saving Them

Censorship And The War On Terrorism An interview with John MacArthur, publisher of Harper's Magazine and author of Second Front, about censorship in the Gulf War.

Civil Rights and Military Tribunals Video discussion from University of Chicago Law School.

Amnesty International Annual Reports on Human Rights Country by country reports.

American Civil Liberties Union

International Civil Liberties
National Security

Think Tanks

American Academy of Arts & Sciences

War With Iraq PDF File

American Enterprise Institute

America at War

Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs At Harvard University.

War With Iraq: Costs, Consequences, and Alternatives PDF File.

Brookings Institution

Project on Terrorism
Project on Homeland Security
Resources on Iraq
Middle East Policy
Policy on China and Korea

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Crisis in Iraq

Cato Institute

Civil Liberties

Center for Defense Information

Terrorism Project
Eye on Iraq

Center for International Policy

National Security
Iraq Policy Information Project

Center for Security Policy

Homeland Security
Middle East
North Korea

Center for Strategic and International Studies

Homeland Defense

Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO)

Commonwealth Institute

War Report Report on Iraq and Afghanistan.
Project on Defense Alternatives Think tank dealing with defense options.
The Revolution in Military Affairs Debate

Council on Foreign Relations

Iraq: Related Readings

Federation of American Scientists

America's War on Terrorism
Intelligence Threat Assessments
Iraq Crisis
India-Pakistan Nuclear Crisis

Foreign Policy in Focus

Focus on Iraq


Target Iraq
Homeland Security

Heritage Foundation

International Terrorism
Foreign Policy
Homeland Security
National Security
Middle East

Institute for Counter-Terrorism

Institute for Science and International Security

Nuclear Terrorism

International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism

International Relations and Security Network

In Depth Issues
Extremism / Terrorism
Links to Research Institutes on Extremism / Terrorism
Iraq Issues
Links Library

Middle East Institute

The Road to Baghdad

National Center for Policy Analysis

The War on Terrorism

Project for the New American Century Highly influential with the Bush administration.

Iraq/Middle East
East Asia
Testimony on Iraq Before Congress by William Kristol, chairman of this think tank, February 7, 2002.


Rand Corporation

International Policy

Security & Political Risk Analysis (SAPRA) India

Terrorism-Related Articles
Nuclear & Disarmament Issues

Terrorism Research Center

U.S. Institute of Peace

Iraq Web Links

World Policy Institute

Analysis and Opinion

The Coming Anarchy A 1994 Atlantic Monthly article explaining "how scarcity, crime, overpopulation, tribalism, and disease are rapidly destroying the social fabric of our planet."

What Now? Noted thinkers from many fields discuss how the terrorist crisis might change our lives. From edge.org.

New York Times Op/Ed Columns Some the best American columnists. Look particularly at columns from Thomas Friedman, William Safire, and Paul Krugman.

Open Democracy Debates on issues.

Alternet Articles and opinions from Alternet, a left-leaning webzine.

9-11: History, Analysis and Breaking News Articles and opinions from Alternet, a left-leaning webzine.

War on Iraq

Insight Articles and opinions from Insight, a right-leaning magazine.

A Real War on Terrorism A long piece outlining a strategy for fighting the war on terrorism. By Robert Wright, author of The Moral Animal and Nonzero: The Logic of Human Destiny.

Fighting the Good Fight: Fundamentalism and Religious Revival An anthropologist looks at fundamentalism.

Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonist Index

War on Terror
Israeli-Palestinian Clash
U.N. and Saddam

Attack / Aftermath More editorial cartoons from Impolitic.

Freedom Illustrated: The Art of Civil Liberties Controversial U.S. cartoons displayed on the ACLU site.


Opinion Polls

Terrorism Opinion polls and other resources from Public Agenda.

Polling Report.com Polling data on:

War on Terrorism
Saudi Arabia

What the World Thinks in 2002 A report from the Pew Research Center shows growing global gloom and anti-Americanism.

Link Collections

Google Web Directory: War on Terrorism

War on Terrorism Web Sites

Research Buzz 911 Compiled by Tara Calishain.

9-11 News and Legal Resources, Information and Related Services From LLRX.com.

September 11 & Beyond From the Librarians' Index to the Internet.

Joyner Library War on Terrorism Resources

Hot Topics A wide collection of links from Evergreen State College.

Web Resources for Journalists Covering The Terrorist Attacks Compiled by Paul Grabowicz, director of the New Media Program at the U.C. Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.

The Journalists' Toolbox

Terrorist Attacks

Facsnet Journalist resources.

Covering the War on Terrorism
Resources on the conflict with Iraq

America's War Against Terrorism From Documents Center, University of Michigan.


Middle East Resources

September11Archive.org An archive of information from the Internet related to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and the response. A collaboration of the Library of Congress, the Internet Archive, and WebArchivist.org.

Books for Understanding Bibliographies of books from university and scholarly presses on subjects related to terrorism.

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for additional sites, please e-mail us your message.