Natalie Robinson

robinson_natalie2Natalie Robinson

High School Teacher, Arizona

“The strengths I developed through the CRF Mock Trial program are invaluable.”

Natalie Robinson participated in California Mock Trial from 2002–2006, and her team went on to the National Competition in 2005. She says that because of what she experienced in Mock Trial she has no trouble speaking in front of authority figures. “I am not afraid to think on my feet,” she says, “and I have confidence and poise. I have no doubt that these skills are what helped me to be successful at Boston University and to eventually earn an acceptance into Teach For America.”

In her second year of teaching at an urban high school in Arizona, Natalie collaborated with an ambitious student and founded a Mock Trial team. “In our first year of competition,” says Natalie, “Westwood Mock Trial placed 4th at our regional competition and earned an invitation to the state competition.” She says she is applying what she learned from her high school Mock Trial coach, and providing her own students with the chance to acquire the skills she’d acquired.

“I could never have predicted that I would end up in this position, but in a way it makes perfect sense,” reflects Natalie. “Mock Trial had an enormous impact on me and I am working to ensure that more students are afforded such an incredible opportunity.”