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Expanding Horizons Internships Job Sites

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An Opportunity to Transform A Teenager's Life


"The EHI experience changes interns' lives, but if you ask anyone at our firm, each intern we've hosted throughout the years has made a positive and lasting impact on our lives, as well."

Julie Inouye, Dentons


Join the growing list of companies and organizations that host CRF Interns!

The Experience of Hosting an Intern

When you sponsor an intern through CRF's Expanding Horizons Internships, you are opening the door for an enthusiastic, motivated, and hardworking low-income high school student. The interns bring a contagious energy to their work and job sites benefit from improved office morale and the opportunity to mentor youth.

  • Interns will work Monday – Friday for a total of 25 hours/week. See seminars and work days schedule.
  • Job sites also choose from two summer sessions: Group A (June 15 – July 12) and/or Group B (July 13 – August 9)
  • Job site supervisors determine interns’ tasks based on the needs of the workplace, see sample tasks and take a look at the Site Supervisor video. Your intern will gladly help you gain insight on any administrative tasks, helping with spreadsheets or other office work, or even expanding your social media footprint.

For additional information on Expanding Horizons Internships, click on the FAQ and Job Site Supervisor Guide. Click here to download a program flyer.

How Interns are Selected

Prospective interns submit extensive applications containing all of the information found on a resume, along with a one-page essay, and two letters of recommendation. CRF than interviews all applicants and prescreens based on general job readiness, career interests, and qualifications. Job sites interview 2-3 intern candidates per position and select the one they feel best meets their needs.

Sponsoring an Intern

Sponsor an intern, download the Sponsorship Agreement Form. Sponsors may also underwrite the cost for an intern to be placed at a non-profit job site designated by the sponsor or CRF.

If you have any questions contact Lourdes Morales at lourdes@crf-usa.org or at (213) 316-2125.