Challenge of Democracy
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How Should We Judge Our Nation’s Founders? (MS/HS)
The reading poses questions and describes viewpoints about honoring our nation’s founders who were slave owners. Students discuss: In a diverse society like America, there will always be debates over who we should or should not honor. When it comes to the men who founded our nation, what standards should we use to judge them? Can we honor them for their extraordinary contribution to our nation or is the stain of slavery too great?  

Guns and School Safety: What Is the Best Way Forward? (HS)
In this lesson, students read an article on the background to the current crisis posed by mass shootings at schools, as well as proposed solutions from across the political spectrum. Next, students participate in a simulation activity in which they act as state legislators trying to design the most effective policy for reduction of gun-violence in their state. 

Guns and School Safety: What Is the Best Way Forward? (MS)This version was abridged and adapted by Aniela Lopez, Middle School ELA Teacher at Elizabeth Learning Center in Cudahy, CA.

Blurring the Lines Between Fact and Fiction (HS) Should laws be passed that protect the dead from having lies told about them in books and movies?  

Does the First Amendment Allow Restrictions On Hate? (HS

Students read an article outlining trends in hate crimes, Supreme Court decisions on laws established to challenge these crimes, and current federal legislation on the issue.  Students then role play a legislative session on a proposed hate crime law.