Additional Curriculum

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Active Citizenship Today (ACT) helps students develop the citizenship skills and knowledge necessary to plan and implement their own service-learning project. ACT includes a teacher’s handbook and a student field guide full of tips and resources for all stages of a service-learning project.

The Challenge Series consists of four different books focusing on the topics of Diversity, Violence, Governance, and Information. Each is designed to help students gain proficiency in meeting U.S. history and government standards using interactive methods including role play, simulation, and CRF’s “civil conversation” discussion strategy.

CityWorks is a simulation-based curriculum with a focus on local government that covers all of the 12th grade local government standards, plus it builds key concepts including federalism, public policy, and how a bill becomes a law. A two-year evaluation conducted by Dr. Joseph Kahne of Mills Collect demonstrated CityWorks’ positive impact on student content knowledge, critical-thinking and civic skills, and civic dispositions. This program is cited in the national Civic Mission of Schools report.

Landmarks: Historic U.S. Supreme Court Decisions provides readings, discussion questions, and interactive application activities on major court decisions from Marbury v. Madison to Bush v. Gore. Cases were selected to support national and California History-Social Science standards.

Of Democrats and Dictators is a law-related education resource for world history. It traces the development of law from Elizabethan England to modern times and includes high-interest readings, discussion questions, role plays and simulations, moot courts, and other interactive methods.